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Posted on Sun Jun 12th, 2016 @ 11:01am by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple
Edited on on Sun Jul 10th, 2016 @ 8:11am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade / Away Mission

After his meeting with the Captain, Magnus decided he would join the others at Cafe Parisienne after all. He had earned a free breakfast, he decided, and Michel especially needed to give him one. After all the smoothing over he's been forced to do for that persistent Frenchman, Magnus concluded that the very least he could be given was some free food in exchange. He was almost seventy percent sure that it didn't violate any Diplo Corp Integrity laws after all.

Now, Magnus was sitting at a table, downing his second helping of crêpes, while flicking through photos on his PADD. He was catching up on updates sent by his family members. His brother had just sent him a shot of little Katrine's first dance recital, while his father had a photo of himself and his mother after hand-building a new house at their remote colony settlement. He reflected on where they were as a family just three years ago, on that fateful day on Earth when it almost came to a tragic end. He shook his head and sighed.

As he eagerly shoved another mouthful of hazelnut-spread covered deliciousness into his mouth, his PADD chimed with an incoming subspace communication. He quickly accepted the call and greeted Ensign Lo'Wen with a chocolatey smile.

"Good gracious Magnus, what are you doing?" T'ami exclaimed in friendly disapproval.

"Free breakfast!" Magnus replied, chewing excitedly. He swallowed the crêpes and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Michel held a meeting to announce his bid for the Promenade second level, and invited everyone to breakfast at Cafe Parisienne to sweeten the deal."

T'ami scowled, "Here I am an on a dangerous away mission to a war torn colony and you're stuffing your face with free food?"

"Yes," Magnus replied sheepishly.

"You better save me some, at least." She sighed in mock annoyance.

Magnus looked down at his empty plate. "I'm sure Michel won't mind if we extend his hospitalities for when you get back."

"He better. So how did the meeting go?" T'ami asked.

"Hilarious and intense," Magnus replied with a smile. "It was going well at first, until Captain Harrison rocks up and starts having a go at Michel. Michel was trying to smile his way out of it, which was the hilarious part. But then Mr Deng gets up and starts yelling at the Captain. It was super skør!"

"Not a great start then for Michel?" T'ami laughed.

"Well he brought it on himself." Magnus shrugged, "He made a lot of assumptions about his plans, even getting me involved without my knowledge, and that's rightfully ticked off the Captain. Now I've been charged with keeping him in line."

"At least you've got a free breakfast out of it." The Caitian shrugged.

"At least." Magnus replied with a nod. "Anyway, enough about me, what's happening on the away mission, have you arrived?"

"Not yet," T'ami answered hesitantly, "To be honest I'm nervous as hell Magnus. I'm starting to regret volunteering, I don't know what I'm doing."

"Relax T," Magnus said with a calming tone, "You've got basic medical training, right?"

"Yes" She replied slowly,

"Well go see Lieutenant Commander Delrisa, she can tell you what you can do when you get there,"

"Right, okay, I can do that." T'ami replied, "I'm trying not to think about it really. Distract me with more station talk. Did you meet with the Klingons?"

Magnus stood and moved over to a quieter table in the corner, away from the other people in the cafe.

"Yes and that was interesting," He began, taking a seat. "There was a certain degree of coldness there. I didn't feel at ease with them."

T'ami listened and nodded, "You know what Klingons are like, they're not going to respect a diplomat as much as a warrior."

Temple shrugged, "I know, but I can't change my career to please the Klingons. They're just going to have to get used to a Federation Ambassador that comes straight from the Diplo Corp."

T'ami laughed and Magnus continued, "I also tried to test the waters as well by mentioning the rumour of Klingon involvement at Gaspar, though I only got a rehearsed response."

"Did you tell them where that intel came from?" T'ami asked intently.

Magnus shook his head, "Thankfully I didn't need to. But I'm not convinced by their response. T'ami, I know you've got a lot on your mind already but while you're at Gaspar, try to keep your eyes and ears open for any information. You're going as a civilian volunteer but ask questions where you can. I'm not convinced there isn't some truth to rumours."

"Okay," She nodded reservedly, "I will try."

The two friends looked to each other and sighed in unison. Magnus shrugged, "So much for the quiet life, hey?"

T'ami looked around her quarters on the transport ship. "I know, right."

Temple looked at the gathered business owners in the cafe, laughing and eating together, then back to T'ami alone on her way to the away mission.

"I was reflecting earlier on my decision to return to Star Fleet," He began, softly, "Whether I made the right choice."

"I've done that a lot, too", T'ami replied earnestly.

"Well what do you think?" Magnus asked.

"Positive. I think. For the most part." She nodded, "I mean right now I'm feeling kinda lost and nervous about what I've gotten myself into. But hopeful that I'll be able to do some good. Even after the horribleness on the Vanguard, I thought that we had a purpose and were making a difference."

Magnus nodded. This is why he and T'ami were such close friends. Even with the distances between them now, they still understood each other and could speak honestly to each other. "I hope so too."

T'ami gave a sudden laugh, "Come on, would you really want to be back on Earth sitting in stuffy buildings arguing with even stuffier politicians, when you could be out here on the front line?"

Magnus smiled, "Wouldn't change it for the world, old mate."



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