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Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2016 @ 9:38am by Magnus Temple & Civilian Michel Gerard & Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Operations

"Okay Magnus!"

"And you'll address him as Lieutenant. Every time."

"Yes Magnus!"

"And you'll only refer to this as a proposal, not a plan. You are proposing this as an idea, not a foregone building plan."

"Enough Magnus!"

All the way from the Promenade up to the Operations deck, Magnus Temple had been lecturing Michel Gerard on the best approach to their mandated meeting with station Ops. Captain Harrison and the Federation had been quite clear that the Diplomat would have to babysit the businessman to ensure his earlier mistakes were not repeated, and there was a significantly large part of Magnus that was enjoying having this power over the usually pushy Frenchman.

"I'm just looking out for you and your proposal," Magnus shrugged with a smug little smile. "Before Captain Harrison boots your butt off DS12."

"You're loving this." Michel replied with heavy disdain.

Magnus smirked, "A happy consequence."

The two arrived at the office of Lieutenant Thomas Stills for their meeting. Michel had digitally submitted his proposed plans to Ops last night but Captain Harrison required that all the appropriate checks and approvals were followed. Michel was hoping this will bring him closer to getting started, Magnus just hoped Gerard didn't stick his foot in his mouth again.

Temple leaned forward and chimed on the door.

Lt Tom Stills was going over the latest list of repairs and upgrades. He would have to prioritise this list according to what was needed first, which was all of it when Tom thought about it. He drew up another list to allocate jobs to. The knock on the door interupted his thoughts. "Come in." he called out.

"Oh and remember we need this to work," Temple added, "Especially after that birthday party disaster."

"Merde! For goodness sake Magnus," Michel snapped, "Would you stop incessantly needling me."

"Come in."

"He is waiting!" Michel grunted, before walking into the Lieutenant's office.

Once inside, Michel was the epitome of grace and pleasantry. He immediately greeted Mr Stills with a warm handshake and loud welcome.

"My friend Thomas, so glad you could finally meet with us!" Michel beamed. "I hope we don't keep you too long."

Tom shook hands but didn't offer a smile. He was on duty and preferred to be addressed as so in front of his team.


Magnus raised a curious eyebrow to Michel and moved past him to also offer a hand to the Chief of Ops.

"Magnus Temple," He introduced, "I'm just here on behalf of the Federation to oversee the proposal, should it go ahead."

"Good to meet you. Please take a seat. I presume you've taken up this proposal with the Captain so he'll know all about it?"

"Yes," Michel replied, giving a half-smile through a clenched jaw, "He knows all about it."

"The Captain was at the meeting this morning," Magnus added, "We've also met with him privately and uploaded Mr Gerard's plans to the database for your perusal."

"I'll look at them straight away and thank you for your help. If it goes ahead how soon will you be able to move?"

Michel spoke, "I am waiting on a replenishment of supplies from my family depot, after I selflessly donated my initial construction stock to the Gaspar relief mission. But I am absolutely prepared and ready to go."

"If he gains approval, of course," Magnus quickly spoke, giving Michel a look.

"Why of course!" Michel smiled again. "The Lieutenant knew I meant that. I just want to assure the Chief of Operations that I'm well prepared and can begin construction as soon as possible."

Tom looked at both of them in turn before he turned to his computer to go over their plans. They certainly looked sound enough and viable. "I presume you have put together a team?"

"Oui. Yes. My company has an in-house construction team, on standby as well." Michel replied. "They can complete the project in a matter of weeks."

Magnus indicated to the PaDD, "The Federation has used the Gerard Development group several times on other stations and a couple of civilian vessels. They have always delivered on time and within parameters. Being Federation associated, they will comply with all Star Fleet regulations and safety codes."

Michel gave Magnus a thankful smile, "Of course. We are here to provide the best possible experience to all serving and civilian Federation personnel."

"Right lets get started then. I'll find out which ship will hold your equipment and personnel and get back to you within the hour as to when you can start loading."

Michel's eyes gleamed with pride, still processing the news. "You approve? We can build our Promenade?"

Magnus put a hand on the Frenchman's shoulder, to keep him from floating off into space. "You've got your approval, Michel. We can't thank you enough, Lieutenant. This will be an exciting addition to DS12."

Michel was still frozen in a mixture of relief and excitement so Magnus stood up first and pulled the Frenchman to his feet. "We look forward to hearing from you soon, Lieutenant Stills. Come along Michel."

"Okay Magnus," Michel replied hazily as the two departed.



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