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Rude Awakenings

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2016 @ 10:47pm by

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: IKS Gorkon
Timeline: Current

Arizhel rarely slept well when travelling. Something about the hum of the ship's engines kept her on edge. When she could manage to fall asleep, she savoured each moment.

This was one such an occasion. After several hours of preparations prior to departing, Arizhel was absolutely exhausted. She had only just drifted into a deep sleep when the ship began to shake. First it was only a rumble, but soon it became a more violent shaking. The motion nearly knocked Arizhel from her bunk.

She caught herself and stood, just as a new round of shaking began, nearly causing the young Klingon to lose her footing.

She pulled herself into a full upright position and made for the corridor. The common areas were abuzz with activity. Crew members were running and yelling. Orders were issued and responses given. The familiar red glow of the Klingon interior flashed in a consistant pattern, indicating an alert status had been issued.

Arizhel made her way, confidently, to the lift, and ascended upwards to the Bridge.

The ship's control room was even more chaotic than the lower decks. Arizhel moved towards the raised command platform, Brigadier K'taj was seated in the appointed chair.

"Report Brigadier." Arizhel called as she ascended the two steps up, to stand at level with K'taj.

"It would seem that we are under attack." Was the man's response. "Lock onto grid Four Three Three and launch torpedoes." he ordered, virtually ignoring Arizhel.

The woman was used to this type of neglect. A perk of her chosen path. "Who is attacking ?"arizhel asked.

"The bloody Gorn." spat K'taj. The older Klingon man seemed to look past the woman as he commanded the Bridge.

Arizhel looked at the viewscreen, smiling.

"Next volley." called K'taj. The gunner fired torpedo after torpedo, until finally the agressing ship exploded.

Arizhel looked about the bridge. "Qapla!" She exclaimed sarcastically, "Computer, end program Tactical Gamma."

The computer chirped in response.

"Well gentlemen, that was an excellent test of the External Holographic Training technology." She was still smiling, but it quickly eroded to a scowl. "But if you ever interrupt my sleep again, Brigadier, I will personally skin you alive." She descended the step and returned to the lift. "As you were." She barked, as the doors closed on her.


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