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Meeting Captain Harrison

Posted on Tue Aug 2nd, 2016 @ 11:59pm by Lieutenant Lily Barker & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Operations
Timeline: current

After arriving on Deep Space 12, Lt. Lily Barker went to meet the starbase commander, Captain Harrison. She went to Operations and headed right to Captain Harrison's office. She hit the door chime and waited for Captain Harrison to allow her in.

“Enter,” he called.

Lily Entered "Captain Harrison reporting for duty sir" she stood at attention she wanted to settle in when she saw the look from Captain harrison she said "what's going on here? she had no idea what was going on ds 12

“Ah, Lieutenant Barker,” he said. “Welcome to Deep Space 12. I am afraid I can not allow you much time to settle in; you will be helping organise relief operations on Gaspar then patrol missions to counter any potential further attacks.”

"Aye sir" she said then asked, "what's the problem here?" She was never briefed on the current situation surrounding DS12.

“I will provide you with full briefing details but, to put it simply, the planet Gaspar was attacked. We do not know who did it or why. Then someone set up what looked like Federation aid stations, waited until they were packed, then set off bombs. As you can imagine, the carnage was horrific. We have dispatched a relief team and a larger team will follow up. As well, we will be launching increased patrols in the area in case someone tries to do it again or thinks to strike a new target. I will need you to organise that mission.”

Will I be using a ship, Captain?" Lily wondered.

“At this stage, no. I need you here in case the situation escalates. Once we have a clearer idea of what we are facing...then I will put you in the field.”

"Aye sir. My department staff will be ready, Captain" Lily said.

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