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The League of Diplomats

Posted on Thu Jul 7th, 2016 @ 4:07pm by Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

Magnus gathered the few diplomatic staff he still had into their conference room. Since his arrival, Deep Space 12's Diplomatic Team have had plenty of quick corridor conversations and catch-ups over comms but Magnus was yet to have a formal meeting. It probably stemmed from his unabashed hatred of meetings after years in the Federation's Diplo Corp. If anyone knew how to hold a meeting, productive or otherwise, it was a diplomat.

His team consisted currently of Sally, the astute and aggressively organised receptionist; Volke, the perpetually and ironically stressed Vulcan Diplomatic Aid; and Ashra, the newly assigned Intern fresh out of the Academy. The Assistant Diplomatic Officer, and his closest friend, T'ami Lo'Wren, was currently on the away mission to Gaspar and Magnus was trying very hard not to think about it. Still, they were a small group, but Magnus had found they shared a uniquely idealistic desire to save the universe. Magnus smiled at the young ones around the table, always amazed that Star Fleet and the Federation continues to recruit and inspire such bright, endearing minds.

"So, team," Magnus smiled at them all, "We have official, very urgent, very serious business to discuss."

The team sat upright a little more in their seats; Volke's eyes glistened with fear already. After the last few days of civilian attacks, anti-Federation propaganda, and the ever present threat of bandits and pirates in the region; what fresh hell could Temple be announcing today?

He looked seriously around each and every one of their curious faces before tapping a PADD. On the main screen behind his head, the very serious business appeared.

On screen came the question; 'What is our nick name?'

Magnus immediately broke into his trademark Danish smile, "Suggestions?"

However, the team's faces moved between confusion and annoyance; side glances were shared between the group as they silently judged whether the Chief Diplomat was being serious.

"Nicknames, sir?" Volke asked in monotonous judgement.

"For each other?" Sally asked, furiously taking the meeting's minutes on her PADD.

"For the team," Magnus replied with a smile.

"Do we need one?" Ashra asked reluctantly.

Temple could tell his team was not feeling enthusiastic for his idea and decided to try a rousing speech to convince them.

"Every team needs a nickname," Magnus replied, that smile not wavering. "Every successful platoon to sports team has had a nickname to rally behind, to unite them, to plant in the ground. So what's ours?"

Volke shook his head, "Surely our name is something representing the integrity and professionalism of our service to the Federation?"

"The Talkers?" Magnus shrugged.

"The Nice Folks." Sally added without looking up.

Ashra shook her head, "We should also be known as people who get things done."

"The irony of this meeting notwithstanding." Volke retorted with a slight sigh.

"Be a team player, Volke," Magnus warned with a grin.

Volke sighed again, "Sareks, named after the great Vulcan Ambassador."

"Is that with a K or a C?" Sally asked.

"K." Volke answered with extreme prejudice, as if he was singlehandedly judging the entire human race by Sally's inability to spell Sarek's name.

"I like that," Magnus spoke, "It's honorific and prestigious."

"We are... underserving of such a name." Ashra said, "We have to earn a name like that."

Volke looked thankfully to his colleague, and nodded silently.

"Okay," Magnus continued, "Something a little more appropriate for our new and young spirit?"

"The Lion Cubs?" Ashra suggested, "We could sing that song from the cartoon."

Volke's disapproval returned, "There will be no singing."

"Definitely not," Magnus agreed, "Only at the Bar after a few lagers."

"With all due respect, sir, but we are not soldiers or athletes." Volke said, "We are the ones who discuss, negotiate, and compromise to support and promote the goals of the Federation. Nicknames are for officers."

Magnus leaned back in his chair, contemplating the Vulcan's words. Finally he shook his head.

"We don't hold phasers, or tri-corders, and launch photon torpedoes," He began, "but our work is important. We are part of this station and Star Fleet, as anyone else in uniform here. We are the face of the Federation's ideals and purpose, the ones cheerleading the hardest for arbitration and peaceful settlement."

The Diplomatic team sat in silence for several minutes. Volke peered curiously at Magnus, Ashra was looking wistfully out the window, while Sally continued to tap away on her PADD despite there being nothing to notate.

Volke finally spoke, "Correct me if I'm wrong sir, however I believe that before the Federation there was United Earth, and before that there was the United Nations. However, in the very beginning of earth's intergovernmental organisation there was the League of Nations. That was the real start of it all, if we trace it back. They are why we are privileged to sit here today."

The smile returned to Magnus' face. "You are correct, of course. The League was the first organisation on earth to promote world peace and collective security, founding principles of the Federation we uphold and represent."

Ashra smiled, "The League of Diplomats?"

Volke nodded, "The League of Diplomats."

Sally murmured, "The League."

"It's unanimous then," Magnus announced, giving Sally the nod to go ahead to write that down.

The group looked around at each other with self satisfaction.

"Alright," Magnus sat back up again, "With T'ami away, Volke I need you to act as my Assistant Diplomatic Officer. We are working with the Station security to assist with the anti-Federation propaganda. The Gaspar mission needs to be talked about within diplomacy circles as a positive for us. And we need to ensure Morale on the station remains high while we endure this tense time. I know that's not expressly our job but we're here to represent the Federation and DS12 is filled with plenty of guests and officials from around the region who need to be assured that Star Fleet has the situation under control."

"How could we do achieve that, sir?" Volke asked.

"Firstly, we are helping a newly arrived businessman by the name of Gerard, to renovate and rejuvenate the Promenade's second level," Magnus replied, "This will give a clear message that the Federation believes that DS12 is secure and prosperous. We can also ensure we are participating and initiating any social or harmonious activities on board."

"Oh!" Sally suddenly looked up, "You've been invited to a children's birthday party, Mr Temple."

Magnus turned a slight shade of puce. "I... what?"

Volke gave a smirk, "Any social activity, sir."

"Well, I meant, you know, ones that promote good station morale and cohesion." Magnus stammered.

Sally nodded, "Yes. It's being co-hosted by the Klingon Ambassador, in support of the Chief Medical Officer's daughter."

"I might be busy," Magnus gulped hard.

"For the League," Ashra smiled.

Volke nodded, "Yes, for the League."

Magnus sighed, sinking down into his seat. "Okay, for the League. RSVP for me Sally."

Sally smiled, "Already did, sir."

Magnus immediately regretted his entire suggestion. Still, he had to walk the walk for his newfound comrades; he was their leader after all. If he was expected to promote cohesion and control on behalf of the Federation, the Klingon's party would be an ideal situation. Even if he detested children's parties.



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