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Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2009 @ 1:01am by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Ops
Timeline: Current

Leanne had one of the drones put up on the table for her and T'Arija to examine. Fortunately, this drone happened to be human was in an earlier stage of assimilation then the others. She looked up at T'Arija. "I think that if we are able to extract the cortical implant from the borg, we can figure out the resonant frequency that they are operating on."

T'Arjia had already started scanning the drone in an effort to locate the node. She seemed quite engrossed in her readings. "That is a logical assumption. Perhaps other equipment on the drone may help as well. I breifly recall them having interplexing beacons for command storage"

"If I was building a borg, I'd probably put the beacon in the abdomen and the cortical implant directly in the skull." Leanne looked over the lifeless body, and it sent a shiver down her spine. Hopefully she wasn't destined to be in the same place eventually. "Well, let's get started." Leanne opened up her medical case and produced two laser scalpels and handed one to T'Arija. "Do you know how to use one of these?"

T'Arjia gave the scalpel a quick examination "I believe I can figure it out" She made a mental note to herself that she rea;ly should do some more research on humour. That last one sounded more like an insult. Pressing the activation stud, the end burst into life, a small cutting laser flaring out. She immidiatly got to work on the Borg's skull, cutting a wide enough area so as to ensure the node wasn't damaged.

"Doctor, I have a question. Are you... uncertain as to our chances here at all?"

Leanne stopped scanning for a moment and looked at T'Arija, "I try and not think about that stuff too much, though between you and me, it doesn't look good, unfortunately you can't reason with the borg from what I hear. "She continued scanning and found the beacon. "I think we should be able to get out of this but I'd give us 50/50 odds right now, a bit better if we can find a way to disable them."

Nodding her head, T'Arjia got back to her work, soon removing the cortical node. "As a Vulcan, I have learned to supress my emotions. However, I am still very young, and admit to some.. trepidation. I had not expected to encounter such a deadly force before I reached one hundred"

"Same here." Leanne removed the beacon and began scanning the implant, if it wasn't such a menacing piece of technology, she could almost respect the design of it. Moving over to one of the work benches she quickly pulled out the information she needed. "I think I've got the band coding codes and command messages accessed from this. It was surprisingly simple" She paused for a moment, "Almost too simple." What she saw next changed her mind. "Looks like I was wrong, in order to introduce this, I'm going to have to physically plug into the node and the drones are going to have to download the information from that, The beacon is mainly a one way unit that doesn't allow uploading. Only downloading from the core." She moved her tricorder closer to the unit and sent the signal. The readout out on the screen showed that with the correct command grouping, everything could be shut down.

"I think we have it, if we can just plug in, we can disable all of them. I think we'd only need two minutes tops." Leanne smiled at T'Arija.

T'Arjia nodded, connecting up the cortical node to her tricorder and hurridly pressing buttons, trying to isolate the Borg interlink frequency. It didn't take her too long and, ance the tricorder had given off a couble of beeps to indicate the frequency had been reached, she tapped a button, storing the frequency, and closing up the tricorder. "I have it. We should now be able to access the Bog conciousness. In theory"

Leanne smiled at her. "I love in theory, I think it is going to be the best shot that we are going to have against them." She moved around to the other side with her tricorder and closed it up. "I'll go down with the engineering team and initiate the sequence. Hopefully theory becomes reality and we can get out of this nightmare."

T'Arjia handed over her tricorder "You should take the codes, too. Let's hope the engineers can finish quickly."

She grabbed the device and smiled at her "I'm heading down there with them, I want to make sure that ." Leanne paused for a moment. I've got to head down to medbay before heading down, I need to record some notes before heading down just in case.. well just in case it doesn't work. Thanks for all your help." Leanne gave her one last smile and left the work area and headed down to sickbay.


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