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A Daughter Lands

Posted on Wed Jul 13th, 2016 @ 9:58pm by
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Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: IKS Gorkon
Timeline: Current

Arizhel had grown impatient with many of the crew of the IKS Gorkon, but nothing compared to the animosity she shared with Brigadier K'taj, the ship's commanding officer. At every turn they butted heads. K'taj felt Arizhel was being used by her fiance, Colonel D'Ven, to keep an eye on the crew. Arizhel felt she deserved more respect than the Brigadier was prepared to give.

To make her time pass quicker, Arizhel took to sorting her belongings in the ship's hold, while her grandmother watched on.

"Love, you really must make me something with this velvet," said Klenara, holding the fabric roll in hand and petting it softly. The older Klingon was a former warrior, and an esteemed diplomat, who was not settling well into retirement. She needed to be doing something at all times, for fear of becoming useless. Unfortunately for Arizhel, that meant they speant a lot of time together.

"After the shop is set up, I'll make you whatever you want," said Arizhel, smiling as warm as she could muster.

A low chirp filled the room, followed close by the crackle of the comm. "We are approaching Deep Space Twelve. Prepare to leave," came the voice of Brigadier K'taj, sounding a bit too happy to finally speak those words.

"Come Grandmother, it's time to go home," said Arizhel. The pair departed the hold together.


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