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Planetfall and The Curtain's Raise

Posted on Mon Sep 5th, 2016 @ 3:37am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Contessa Cavenaugh Ph.D. & Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Gaspar

Cass landed the Traders Drift on the edge of the designated landing zone since he know many parts of his cargo was going to be first off and it was also a good spot since he figured the middle was going to be chaos, even if barely controlled.

As the ship had landed he saw the extent of the damage. Landing and seeing it from the ground hit home. He hoped the space marines were going to get the bastards who did this. In the meantime he rallied his security forces to act as security for the ship & gear once they started to offload while his volunteers & staff started staging the gear for offloading, tents and rations first.

This was going to be a nightmare but it had to be done. He got on the intraship and said before the expected cheer, "Alright folks. This'll not be easy but staff, contractor or volunteer....First round is on me at the Starfire after all this is over."

Doctor Delrisa was assisting the Triage staff as they offloaded supplies from the shuttle, and volunteers were already handing out food and fresh water to the colonists who had lined up when they saw the shuttles landing. She saw Cass walking towards her.

"Mr. Lincoln, thank you again for the travel-ready supplies. You brought much more than I thought you could," Soraya said.

"I'm glad to help. I've seen what war can do....and this looks pretty close. I'd heard second hand rumors that, taking into account people's tenancies to over or under adulterate, painted a bleak picture. It seems some of my colleagues felt the same....Or at least hoped for good publicity Either way, we landed some good stuff for these folks --- They seem to need it," Cass said giving the beautiful doctor a smile that seemed to telegraph friendliness and grimness at once.

Doctor Contessa Cavenaugh allowed herself a brief moment to look around before she turned her attention to helping unload supplies. She was keyed up and felt the adrenaline that came with such missions, but logic kicked in and reminded her she needed to focus on setting up before she could truly roll up her sleeves and dig in. "Hopefully, we can do a lot of good here and help to mitigate some of the damage," Cavanagh offered quietly.

"First, do no harm," Soraya quoted to Cavenaugh and Lincoln as she handed each of them a container. "We will make a difference here, and that alone makes helping these people worth doing."

As the CMO of DS12 finished, one of the Trader's Drift came over and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt but we're ready to offload the alpha set of materials. We need to know where to start staging them."

Cass looked over Soraya, "What say you, Doc? That's the food as well as beverages, mostly water and tea, plus basic first aid materials in that load."

"Let's start stacking them over there, just past Triage," she pointed. "We can set up a minor injuries' station there and get people fed."

Jrez took a quick look around. He had seen this sort of scene before but not, thankfully, for some decades. He knew immediately that none of this was going to be easy, However, he knew better than to express such thoughts. He turned to Lieutenant Davis to get his orders.

Cass pointed to a 3 spots near the current drop spots and said, to both Jrez and Delrisa, "Thinking we can start beaming to these three spots right next to the current drop spots. That'll let us start from scratch but keep it to where the folks distributing it can still access them easily if that's all right with ya'll."

"That's a good idea, Mr. Lincoln," Soraya said. She tapped her commbadge and gave the instructions.

Cass did the same for his freighter crew adding in the order for a few of the people that were hauling to help out with the crowd as fewer were needed to prep for transport. When he was done a few of his crew, most having never had military training, had an outburst of happy sounds.

T'ami had been moving gear off the transports when a small group of the team were pulled away to start handing out food and water. She found herself quickly joining them, filling up her arms with as many rations and canteens as she could.

No sooner had the volunteers made it to the line of people, the colonists were eagerly grabbing at the rations. T'ami was struck by their faces, eyes filled with faint hope shining out of complexions scarred and dirtied by the tragedies they had faced. She choked back a tear as she hurriedly handed out food as quickly as she could.

Back toward the ships, Cass helped direct traffic as it were including easily convincing some of the non-cargo specialists to help out with offloading and distribution. Two thoughts struck him as he saw the people coming out of hiding.

He immediately looked at Soraya, "Hey Doc....Could I beg a minute or two? I've a couple quick ideas for ya."

"Of course, Mister Lincoln, but only a minute. I think our presence had been discovered," the doctor said.

Cass took a couple of steps to help get them out of the way before turning to Dr. Delrisa's direction, taking in the scene for a couple of heartbeats and shaking his head a bit sadly.

After a second more he said, "Looks like we're going to be the busiest joint on the block soon. I think I have an idea to help get the stuff we need staged so we can distribute it faster."

The businessmen described how the Trader's Drift, being a higher grade merchant vessel, had a rather high end transporter system including the sensor suite. This means that direct transport from the cargo bay to a given location nearby would be a fairly simple task and much quicker than doing it manually.

He finished and tilted his head a little and asked, "Whatcha think?"

"I think that's an excellent idea, Mr. Lincoln," she said. "How quickly can we do it?"

"Shouldn't be more than a couple minutes tops. I can have a majority of the loaders out here and helping with the distribution within a couple minutes more I think," Lincoln said.

Standing nearby, Lieutenant Davis heard the conversation. “You will need a guard patrol,” he commented. “Otherwise, the group handing out rations will be swamped.”

"I hate to use Security, but I see no other choice," Soraya said. She tapped her comm and made the request.

No sooner did the hand-outs begin than disorder threatened. Jrez could see that unless someone stepped in, chaos could ensue. Without waiting for an order, he strode over.

“There's plenty for everyone,” he called out but no-one paid any attention. He took T'ami's arm and spoke quickly in her ear. “Ensign, we need to do this better. These people are desperate and aren't prepared to listen to reason. Grab a couple of your troops and set up another delivery point over there.” He pointed to a small building off to one side of the main crowd. You'll be better able to control things from there. I'll keep things going here while you set it up.”

T'ami had begun to feel overwhelmed, nodding thankfully at Officer Jrez' helpful suggestion. But she couldn't look at these poor people's desperate faces without wanting to just give them everything she had in her arms.

The Caitian acknowledged Jrez' direction, but her own face potrayed the look of concern that washed over her.

She gave a sigh as she began to walk over to the new delivery station, "I agree, sir, but their civilisation collapsed. How can we expect them to remain civil?"


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