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Wages of Agression

Posted on Thu Aug 25th, 2016 @ 7:58am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Captain Nelson Harrison & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog

Mission: Moving in
Location: Medical

Haqtaj's consciousness flowed into her like water. She lay with her eyes closed gathering as much data from her other senses as quickly as she could.

Cool. Smell she had come to associate with Soroya, probably medical, definitely Federation. She was restrained, but on a padded surface, and still in her armour. Nothing hurt, though she could still feel the muscle twinge that was left over from a Federation stun beam.

Ah, yes the party.

She lunged awake suddenly and the restraints on the bed creaked but held firm. She fell back onto the bed. and glared around the medical bay she was in.

"Ah," a tall, balding human exclaimed as he approached. "You are awake. I apologize for the restraints, but you have a history of violence."

"Especially against people who try to keep me hostage," Haqtaj growled, working her fingers around the the blade in her sleeve.

"Oh, please," the human doctor scoffed. "You are in for medical observation and nothing more."

He looked at a chart next to her as Haqtaj slipped the blade free and began to saw at the bonds without apparently moving.

"Well, you seem to have suffered no permanent neurological damage from the incident. For a woman of your age that is a definite risk. I would advise you to avoid situations where you are likely to find yourself on the receiving end of weapons fire. Apparently, that includes children's birthday parties."

There was a snap as Haqtaj's hand came free of the cut restraint. The blade sang through the air, and buried itself through the doctor's hand and into the medical bedding. The doctor did not cry out or indeed seem at all perturbed by the display. More, disappointed.

"I see my advice will fall on deaf ears," he grumbled, "... again."

His hand shimmered as he pulled it free of the blade and began to undo her remaining restraints.

"If you would like to reclaim your blade, I can release you on your own recognizance. I would appreciate it if you could avoid plunging a knife into any of the medical staff that are likely to leak."

Haqtaj rubbed her wrists when they were free. She looked around and noticed there were a number of Klingons in the room with her as well as a few Federation officers.

"Where is Anna?"

"Annabelle Delrisa is in the next room with Petty Officer Vartog. It seems nothing but 3 litres of chocolate ice cream was able to repair the damage done to her."

Haqtaj pulled the blade from the bedding and returned it to her sleeve. She nodded at the holographic doctor and moved to find her aid and her God-daughter. The second exam room on the left was a hive of activity; it seemed that everyone in Sickbay knew the CMO's child.

"AUNTY!" Annabella cried, jumping down from the biobed and running over to hug her. "Mister Vartog said that you were just sleeping. Why were you sleeping?" she asked, in typical Annabella style. It seemed that the girl barely needed to breathe when she was talking.

A flush of relief ran through Vartog. He had faced battle with some fearsome foes but keeping Anna occupied and constantly deflecting her questions about Madame Haqtaj was proving far more difficult an assignment. He smiled to see his mistress was awake and well; that is to say, his face moved into something which only another Klingon would recognise as a smile. To everyone else, his previous grimace hardly faltered.

Haqtaj was about to say something disparaging about the Federation, but remembered herself in time. She glanced at Vartog, "I am not entirely sure. Vartog, what happened? How did I go from being at a party to being tied to a bed in Medical?"

She added after a moment, "And how did you break your arm?"

“Madame, I will explain all later. Suffice to say, for now, that things got a bit exuberant and Miss Delrisa thought you were in danger. As for my arm, I think it was when I dived over Miss Delrisa in an attempt to shield her.”

"Some one attacked Anna!" Haqtaj was suddenly trembling with rage.

"Actually, she attacked one of the station security, " supplied a nearby nurse.

"Did she now!" Haqtaj anger suddenly dissolved in pride, but she pretended not to be. She picked up the young girl, noticing she was still carrying her birthday present on her hip. "And what had this officer done to deserve your wrath? I told you you must never use that blade except in time of great provocation."

"I was so angry, Aunty," the girl said slowly, unsure how to put how she'd felt into words. "Everyone was angry, and you were sleeping."

Haqtaj was aware that the heat of battle can carry a person, and particularly this young telepath. However, a warrior needs discipline.

"You were angry, yes. But this man you attacked, why him. What was it about HIM that made you want to hurt him?"

Annabella's eyes welled up as the memory came back, and the intense emotions she had felt at the time. She made the shape of a gun with her hand.

"He SHOT you, Aunty!!! With the phaser!" she said, crying now.

Haqtaj Held the girl, letting her feel that she was alright now. She turned to Vartog, "Is what she says true? A junior Federation officer shot me with a phaser?"

“It is true, Madame. I believe he was acting to protect the young lady.”

"I want you to take him a bottle of blood wine with my compliments; the D'mitra label, '63." Haqtaj instructed. "It has been a long time since I was caught off guard, and he should be congratulated."

“I anticipated that would be your response and have set a bottle aside in your office.”

"No doubt he will be in some trouble with his superior for diplomatic reasons" Haqtaj continued. "Is that not so, Captain Harrison?"

The last part was called loud enough for the Station commander, who had been pretending not to listen in, could hear.

Harrison had been expecting some sort of sally from Haqtaj but was at a loss as to how best to respond. He looked to Vartog for assistance.

“I believe an appropriate response would be twofold,” Vartog advised. “He will be made to share the bloodwine with the other Security personnel present. He will also be reassigned. I think a tour of duty on a Klingon ship is called for. Call it a cultural exchange; an opportunity for him to learn the nuances of Klingon culture so that he can better perform his duties in future.”

“Would that satisfy Klingon honour, Madame Ambassador?” Harrison asked.

"You mistake me, Harrison," Haqtaj responded. "The officer in question bested me in combat. I owe him a debt of recognition, not the other way around. As far as I am concerned he challenged me and won. However, I believe re-assigning him may avoid future complications. We can't have the local Klingons listening to a Junior Security officer over a Decorated Klingon Admiral, can we?"

A malicious smile appeared on her face, "Perhaps he deserves to be awarded a particularly hazardous task, such as explaining the incident to Anna's mother when she returns?"

Harrison bowed his head slightly. “I think you misunderstand your aide, Madame; or, at least, that is not, I think, what he meant. I think my junior officer should be allowed to build on his understanding. He has shown he understands how to deal with Klingons: swiftly and decisively. We can use officers like that. Now he should be allowed to build on that.”

"What of casualties?" Haqtaj got back to business. "Any deaths, or serious injuries?"

“No deaths, Madame,” Vartog replied. “As to the extent of the injuries, the medical staff would be better placed to answer. However, I don't believe there were any major injuries.”

"That is good," Haqtaj relaxed. There was enough political tension with the recent attacks. Haqtaj didn't want to make things any more difficult than necessary. "I suspect I shall here more about this from station security when they learn that I am up and about again. In any case, I suggest I take you home, Anna. Are you too grown up to hold my hand now?"

Anna smiled and shook her head 'no.' She wiped away tears with one hand and held the other up to the imposing Klingon ambassador.

"Good day, Captain. Vartog," the Ambassador nodded at each in turn.

They both bowed, Vartog somewhat lower than Harrison. “Qapla', Madame,” Harrison said.


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