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Setting Up Shop

Posted on Thu Aug 4th, 2016 @ 3:04am by
Edited on on Mon Aug 8th, 2016 @ 6:14am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade, DS12
Timeline: Current

Arizhel moved quickly across the station's Promenade. While owning a business, especially a Clothing Design company, was a far cry from her days in Diplomacy, Arizhel was ready for the challenge. After settling in to her apartments, and giving her Grandmother the slip, she decided to get a head start on setting up her atelier.

She crossed the Main Promenade and saw the glorious sign, emblazoned with her House name and sigil. Her excitement grew in her. She watched a moment as passers stopped to look at the new sign, and peer through the windows at the unopened crates inside.

With an interternalized roar she surged forward and keyed her access to the shop front. As the doors closed behind her, she looked around. She immediately made her way over to the stacks of furniture that had been delivered. It was all large and robust, very Klingon. Along with the furniture there were mannequins, painting and banners for the showroom.

The unit it's self was ideal, three split levels in a stair formation near the Promenade lifts. The Entrance level would be her showroom, the second her workrrom and fitting area, and the uppermost her private office. The first two levels were opeen to eachother, save for a half wall. The office area however was completely private, just how arizhel wanted it.

The slender Klingon woman began to arrange furniture about. Tables, shelves, racks, and mannequins found their spot in the showroom. With one room for the most part ready to be stocked, Arizhel moved on to the next level. A large workstation and shelves had already been move into place, so she carried crates of material and equipment to the area and began to organize them. She came across the materialher Grandmother had been admiring, and set it aside.

Opening another crate Arizhel came across the pieces for her dressing area. It was fairly straightforward to assemble, and she made lighter work by assembling some portions en route to the station. Attaching it to the ceiling Arizhel stepped back to admire her work.

Taking a moment, the Klingon woman grabbed her empty crates and took them out her front door. As Arizhel exited the shop, a Human woman approached. She had short white hair, and looked as though she may be a prat of the Starfleet crew off-duty.

"Are you open?" the woman asked, as Arizhel set the crates beside her entrance.

Shaking her head and wiping her ridged brow Arizhel said. "Not for two days. I'm just getting it all set up."

The woman nodded and smiled at Arizhel. "Thanks."

Arizhel waved and re-entered the shop. She looked around, trying to decide what to do next. Her workroom and fitting area were completed, she opted to stock her showroom and leave her office for the following day. Pulling two crate to the center of the room, she oppened them and began to sort.

As she pulled a dress onto a mannequin she took a good look around her, and was proud of what she had accomplished. "I think I've found my place." She said to herself before returning to her work.


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