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Posted on Thu Aug 4th, 2016 @ 3:48am by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: *undisclosed*

"So, Commodore, what drives you, what motivates you?" The hot lights blared down on the two; Jalen Riffo, interviewer, and Commodore Lax Rendo're interviewee.

"I do it for the people Jalen, I do it for the people whom Starfleet, the Federation, and the rest of "the civilized" quadrant has left behind. I do it for those that can't speak for themselves. I speak for those that have had the boot of oppression placed on their neck."

"Some see you as a pirate."

"I would style myself after more of a Robin Hood character, just remember, there are two sides to everything, the elite may call me an outlaw, scum, villain. The people.. well the people will say I'm a savior, protector." The commodore took a sip of water. Murry, the Commodores publicist looked on from the observation booth. He felt the hour special would improve his image even more.

"The Federation is calling for your capture and re-education. You're thoughts."

"All of the great dictatorships have sought to silence those that oppose them through re-education; The Soviets in their Gulags, The Bulai with their neural reconfigurators and now the Federation, the evil empire changes it's name, the methods change, the idea of silencing dissidence never does. It isn't good for business. That is what the Federation is trying to do now." Lax smiled. "They've already lost the hearts and minds of the people, now they have to rule by fear. Look at what happened on Gaspar."

"Are you implying that it was the Federation that attacked the planet?" Jalen moved in a bit to be closer.

"Not only implying, confirming. I have had my independent teams on the planet, analyzing the weapons signatures, all points to Federation tech. There is the business with the booby trapped aid stations. Federation. Ask yourself, what other organization has the firepower capable of devastating a planet like that?" He let it hang there. "The Cardassians? Please, they are still liking their wounds from the war. The Klingons? Maybe, but where is the honor and glory in attacking a non military target, besides the market for blood wine would be astronomical right now. Romulans? I doubt it."

"Why the Federation then?"


"Fear?" The newscaster pressed him.

"Yes. Fear. how do you train a dog? Fear. How do you keep children safe? Boogey Man. I believe this is a False Flag Jalen, in fact, I have documentation to support that assertion. That documentation will be released shortly onto the data grid after this. In fact.. I have it on good assertion that there are already covert Federation teams on the planet now."

"Right now? What are there plans?"

"Pretend to be the saviors while putting boots on the ground, what better way to take control of a planet than to eliminate most of the people who run it, then send your own people. Fear Jalen. Fear. I want the people to know, that I, I support you and that I am taking steps to ensure your well being and safety."

"Well Commodore, thank you for you time, it has been enlightening."

"Thank you Jalen."


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