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In for a penny in for a pound Pt 1

Posted on Tue Aug 16th, 2016 @ 10:21pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh
Edited on on Wed Aug 17th, 2016 @ 1:26am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: The Lax Possee Starship Squadron
Timeline: Starting 5 minutes out from target

There was a touch over 5 minutes before they arrived at the asteroid field where the Commodore was pinned at being. It was about as sure a bet as you can get and Wolf was taking it seriously. He and Jill had been on the bridge most of the time since the briefing.

Wolf looked over at Jill once he noted the 5 minute mark and said, "Well, time to verify the marching orders with our wing mates I suppose. 5 minutes out after all."

"That's if they haven't already let Lax know we are coming." The new XO of the ship frowned at the possibility, however remote it may be.

The screen lit with a Klingon's face. It was not the Captain, no doubt they were to busy to answer a phone call.

"Nuq neH?" the officer barked, a customary Klingon greeting equivalent to "What?"

"I'll keep this short and sweet, Commander. Baring the situation going tits up, as the Earth Australians like to say, target engines, shields and weapons. This a live capture mission and besides....Those petaQ don't deserve to die by your hands," Wolf said evenly, surely and with a slight undertone of challenge before the pause of half a heartbeat.

"If there are any nasty surprises, we'll paint the ship we're after and the rest...Do what you need to do. We'll alert you the second we see the need to switch to this plan. Understood," the Federation Marine asked

"We stand ready to serve the Empire," came the curt reply. "If you haven't already sold our plans to the Pirates."

Bannister met the Klingon's eyes with mismatched gaze as he said in a cold tone, "Assuming you can shoot straight we can discuss your lack of faith back at DS12 Commander."

The side of the human's mouth quirked up a little as he added, "Over a few barrels of blood wine maybe."

"The commander of the first ship to leave the battle, buys," the Klingon responded and the line went dead.

Bannister snorted after the screen died and he smirked. He noticed a few confused glasses. He said, "Nice thing about being a marshal for a while and having fought with Klingons during the war. I got a chance to learn a bit about Klingon psychology."

He paused and checked a display before adding, "Ok folks...Two minutes before this rodeo really starts. All hands to battle stations. Stand by on shields.....Put 'em up the second we drop out of warp."

After his speech he reached for a duffle bag from next to the command seat. He made quick work of removing his standard overshirt, switching it for his marine variant duster before donning it (including his Federation Marshal Service star which doubled as a combadge). He added one more thing which he only added for effect in most cases. A black hat that'd be fancy dress in the ancient west.

There were some confused looks and a few smirks or grins. With a somewhat sheepish grin he explained, "Hey....Gotta look the part after all."

Jill stifled a laugh. "And you say I look ridiculous when I wear my PI outfits." Jill reached out and tipped the hat. "Yeah.. that looks ridiculous." She smiled as the engines of the small ship whined as they prepared to fall out of Warp.

"Of course I have to say it, partner. Don't always mean I gotta mean it," Wolf said with a tone and sparkle in his eyes that belied the fact he was teasing. She was one of the few people in the universe which he trusted implicitly and, while not quite like a sister, he realized she was pretty much becoming family to him. It was something that, he realized, he should likely talk to her about after all this was over.

He looked down at the chrono display on the arm of the command seat and took a breath before saying, "Drop out of warp in 30 seconds...Stand by folks. It's about to get interesting."


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