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Posted on Fri Aug 21st, 2009 @ 9:34am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Jefferies Tubes Below Ops
Timeline: Following the Mason/O'Brien Outburst

Without a word, the engineering party had instantly gone into defensive positions. Lt Butler continued to work frantically repairing the overloaded circuits; the last step in restoring power to the station. Thomas, Henk, and Kristina were crouched next to each other, nearly back-to-back, each facing one of the three approaching sounds. Things looked grim, Thomas thought. Nearly the entire station had already been assimilated, and even if Jasmine could restore power in the following seconds, the only route out of here would lead the Borg straight to Ops and the rest of the surviving crew.

"Jasmine, hurry up please." Henk said on an urgent tone. "We need to get back."
Henk looked down the tube and then to Jasmine who was working as hard as she could.
"How many shots do we have before they have adapted?"

"Three, maybe four at best," Mason answered dully her eyes peering into the thick blackness, hear pounding against her chest. The previous weariness was long forgotten and now replaced with adrenaline that was rushing through her bloodstream.

After some grueling battles with the Borg, a species that Shiela hated with a passion, she was just glad to have at least a little break. Shiela took the time to clean her weapon. Sometimes, she wished she had accepted the sword a Chakoonian friend wanted to give her. But, using a Starfleet weapon was her only viable option at the moment. She thought to herself, "Damn, I didn't sign up for this. I thought I was supposed to be a diplomat. Oh, C'mon Shiela, you accepted the risk of anything when putting on the uniform."
Then, she looked up and saw Mason huddle together with the rest of the small team. Shiela had not had the chance to meet her and being tired, frustrated and irritable, Shiela tried to set those emotions aside and said, "Greetings, Commander Mason. I'm Lt Shiela Miller, Chief Diplomat. Sorry that I didn't get to meet you before all of this. Anything I can help you with?" Shiela wanted to meet Kristina Mason, but, not under precarious situations like this. But, now was as good of a time as any.

The instant Miller's shape came into being Mason's fingers relaxed from the trigger on the rifle. Then tension in her shoulders eased slightly. "Well meet, Lieutenant there's no time to pleasantries just get your ass behind me."

Thomas raised his flashlight, phaser in hand just above it, in the direction of the voice originating from the corner ahead. He was still half-expecting a drone to appear, but was relieved to see he hadn't been deceived as an older, mostly bald man in a science-green Starfleet uniform crept around the corner. As he called out to the second addition to the team he the flashlight on him, but pointed the phaser in the opposite direction, toward the third noise - just in case. "My name is Ensign Thomas Jenkins of the USS Genesis, we're here to help."

"Jenkins? SCPO Jrez. Well met. Have you news of PO Thalal or PO Endrijure?"

With his own immediate crisis thankfully averted, Thomas turned on his one knee to face the third approaching sound and inched forward, bringing the flashlight around to match the direction of his phaser. He continued to speak to the Chief, though no longer looking at him. "Afraid not. Besides Lt Butler here, I've not personally run into any of your crew." He paused for a moment, not wanting to sound insensitive. "But, uhh.. We haven't been here long, and there's obviously folks running around the tubes. I'm sure they're here somewhere."

That's only to be expected. They could be anywhere. Thalal should be alright, she can find her way around Jeffries tubes. Endrijure though...s/he's quick, especially on all fours. S/he should be fine too.
"Thank you," he said, trying to keep his concern out of his voice. He doubted he really succeeded.

Thomas didn't respond, only nodded. His eyes were fixed on the end of the jefferies tube where the third noise had come from; just ahead of Henk. He glanced quickly over to Jasmine, next to him. She was paying little attention to what was going on, and was instead working frantically redirecting the circuits to restore power. Her hands were moving quickly in and out of many different things, but she appeared confident in what she was doing. It was only a matter of time, now.

"Careful," Jrez advised. "That might well be a drone but it also might be PO Vartog. He's on this deck too, looking to ambush drones. he won't have a phaser drawn, only his d'k tagh."

Thomas relayed the information to Henk, now closer to the other end of the tube. "D'you catch that, boss man? More friendlies."

"Let's hope so. I have an feeling that we need all the manpower we get." Henk said as he looks at the closed hatch.
He reached out to open the hatch

Vartog too had heard the voices and reached the same conclusion as Jrez. He deliberately made some sound as he approached to alert whoever it was to his presence. "It's PO Vartog," he called out just before he turned the last corner.

"Time to call a halt to your activities, Vartog," Jrez suggested when the Klingon joined them. "This party is just about to head back to Ops. We'll join them."

Vartog looked distinctly disappointed.
"You mentioned a co-ordinated fight-back. It looks to me like it's already under way."

"Well no." Henk said "We have no idea what to do next. When the power is on-line we are going back to hear more."

As if on cue Butlers magical fingers had worked their talent. The limited lighting in the tube came into life casting a eerie feel to their space where they had previously been sitting on edge. With a sort whirl and machinery deep in the heart of the station it sounded like the power was being restored in more then just their section.

Balancing upon the balls of feet Mason looked over the unexpected collection of persons they had accumulated with a look of disbelief now the tube began to fill with light that stung her eyes for a brief moment.
The shared joy of the team was priced by the combined announcement over the team's combadges: "DeVour to engineering party, please return to Ops for further instructions."

"Shall we? " Henk asked to everyone.


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