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Doubts and Inevitably Pt 2

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2016 @ 4:41am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus & Lieutenant Contessa Cavenaugh Ph.D.
Edited on on Wed Aug 17th, 2016 @ 2:58pm

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Timeline: Prior to primary elements departing for pirate / relief duties

"Absolutely," Contessa replied with a smile. She thought she saw something wistful pass over his features, but she decided there was plenty of time to get to know him better.

M.G. smiled a little self deprecatingly as he started walking with her, giving her the chance to lead ever so slightly, before adding, "Good reminder of needing to better study plans. I can find my way around a stardock with little issue. Then again I've spent months a time in them. The Nor class isn't very big in comparison but it's been something like a decade and change since I passed DS12 and I never got off the ship. I was a marine captain at the time and wing commander...My place was on the ship. I'm pretty sure that was on the Thunderchild. Could've been the Melbourne too though. That was years ago and a busier than usual time in my life."

Cavenaugh took a slight lead, but was still mindful of trying to stay mostly beside him rather than ahead. She smiled as he talked about trying to find his way around. "I make a point to figure out where key areas of the ship are: my office, sickbay, the mess hall, but I'd be lying if I said I was perfectly familiar with all areas of any posting, even years after the fact. I'm more of a people person, but then, that's not surprising, is it?"

In short order, they'd arrived at her office. She entered first but gestured for him to make himself comfortable. "I'm not much of a decorator either, but the space is comfortable enough. May I get you something from the replicator?"

"Green and jasmine tea mix, warm....easy ginseng and honey....If it isn't too much trouble," he said a little coyly.

Cavenaugh smiled. "Not at all. I asked, remember?" In short order, she'd handed him his requested beverage and took a seat opposite him. "So, is there anything troubling you?"

"Well, this whole situation with the mounting relief mission and the pirate bit....I suppose I am feeling less than useful," the general said thoughtfully.

"I mean I went from being a tactical officer to fighter pilot which was innocuous enough after being one of the few survivors of Wolf 359. Over the decades I got my own wing, then my own squadron....I made the switch to JAG and almost immediately got promoted to XO. Before I knew it I had my own command, my own Task Group and finally Chief of Staff of Task Force 9. Since then I have been working at the top levels of fighter command with dalliances with the JAG corps on Earth. It....Seems like compared to all that I am currently what people once called 'the 3rd wheel' years ago."

"What would you rather be doing?" Cavenaugh asked. "It seems to me with your current positions, you wield at least some degree of influence over the big picture, don't you?"

"The ships involved with local operations have commanders. Captain Harrison has operational command over the Gaspar mission.....Wolf is in charge of the mission to capture the Commodore....That doesn't leave a lot for me to do," he said thoughtfully.

"I can understand feeling a bit removed from the action when you're in positions like yours," Contessa acknowledged after some thought. "Have you expressed your feelings to anyone else? Perhaps offered your assistance to the Captain or to Wolf?"

With a nod Corrus replied, "I've let them know I'm willing and able to help out. It'd be inappropriate to order them around. I'm not sure that I can get more specific without pulling something resembling Oliver Twist asking for more. I mean I don't mind conversations like that with people my own rank or even whom outrank me. Hell, even if they were in my usual chain of command it'd be easier but something like this....It almost feels like it'd be some sort of impropriety. My best friend and his CO both of whom I happen to outrank."

"The complexities of navigating rank and social convention," Cavenaugh agreed with a nod. "Still, you've been forthright and that's all anyone can ask of you."

MG nodded and as he was about to speak the com chirrped before the computer said, "General Corrus....You have a meeting with Colonel Bannister in 15 minutes."

The marine blinked and said, "Acknowledged."

"Curiouser and curiouser," he said as much to himself as to the other occupant of the room. He directed the next toward the doctor, "I suppose that's my cue. Any chance you'd be willing to pencil me in for another visit once things slow down a bit?"

Cavenaugh smiled. "I'll be daring. I'll put it in ink."

"I'll look forward to it in that case. Until then...." MG said with a smile and nod before heading out. For one of the few times since Adriana had died, he felt much better after seeing a counselor. He took that as a very good sign.


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