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Accomodations of a different sort

Posted on Sun Sep 4th, 2016 @ 8:08am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus
Edited on on Mon Sep 5th, 2016 @ 2:19am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

MG had taken his tour of the station all except for the one place that really was his ball of wax. He'd only had time to glance at the flight bay when he came in so, as came naturally to him, he went down to do an informal inspection. He was amazed at the hodgepodge of vessels --- some were even civilian.

After having been a fighter pilot, wing followed by squadron commander, all wrapped up with being the Concorde class USS Majestic and Starfleet Fighter Command he had grown to expect a house in order. He did understand the circumstances but he now aimed to fix that.

He tapped his commbadge and said, "General Corrus to Captain Harrison...I've got something new that I'd like to speak to you about if you've got a couple of minutes."

“If you promise it will only be a couple of minutes, I can fit you in, General.”

'It shouldn't be over that by any significant amount, if that even. We can consider this a preliminary discussion and hammer out any details when things cool off if need be," the marine replied.

"Very well. Bear with me just a moment, please." Harrison consulted the scrawled notes that passed for his 'to do' list for the day. "Where are you?"

"Just finished checking out Landing Pad 6, Captain. I'd be willing to meet you someplace convenient between here and where you're at if that'll do," Corrus asked.

Harrison performed a quick mental calculation. “I can meet you there and go on to Ambassador Temple's offices from there. I will be five minutes.”

"Thank you, Captain Harrison. I'll see you shortly," Corrus said amiably before saving the work on his padd then heading toward the designated location.


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