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In for a Penny in for a Pound pt 2

Posted on Wed Sep 7th, 2016 @ 3:32am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst & Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII
Edited on on Wed Sep 7th, 2016 @ 4:14am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Lax/Pirate infested space

Wolf touched a panel linking the countdown to the Klingon escorts via close range communications. 10 seconds left.

"Yellow alert go to yellow alert and drop out of warp in 10 seconds. I'll want shields at full and weapons on active standby. Ya'll got that," the marshal asked letting his Mars born cowboy come out a bit more without really thinking.

There were a series of agreements and the senior marine looked over at Jillian and gave her a small smile with a friendly wink thrown in for good measure.

"Start looking for any odd power readings as soon as we jump out of warp. If they are active scanning, that should pinpoint where some of their defenses are." Jill drummed her fingers nervously on the console. "Be ready for anything."

Tapped a console so that the Klingons would get the countdown relay as well. 5.....4....3....2....1!

"Drop us out of warp and take us to 1/2 impulse. Lower cloaks, raise shields and keep weapons on hot standby....Sensors, report soon as we're out of warp," Bannister said with some speed born of necessity and without a hint of fear or anxiety.

"Aye sir" The call came from helm. The ship made the strained noise of going from faster than light to in relative terms full stop.

"On screen, let's see what is out there." Jill instinctively put her fingers to her mouth to chew on her non existent nails. It had been a terrible habit she had picked up some years ago, and manifested particularly bad in times of stress.

On the screen appeared a fairly dense debris field, rocks of all sizes and shapes.

"Sir's, I'm counting over three hundred pieces of debris; asteroids, broken ship hulls. Ranging from one meter to over 3 kilometers in size. Multiple energy signals some stronger than others.

"Great place for a trap huh?" Jill turned to Wolf.

On the IKC FHewII Mongral HoD scanned the debris field with his eyes.

"I thought this was a simple hit and run raid," He growled at his first officer.

"It seems the Pirates are scattered; decentralised," came the reply. "Clever."

"Maintain cloak," Mongral ordered. "Keep formation with the Federation. We will follow their lead till a target presents itself."

"Sir we are being hailed, the hail is coming in from multiple sources and points of origin all over the asteroid field." The comm officer announced.

"Yup. This don't feel right. Jill, watch the signal for any piggy backing or any other skullduggery please," Wolf said.

"Yeah, we'll keep whoever it is talking try and trace it." Jill turned to the comm officer before moving over to the panel herself.

"Alright comms....Put em through," Bannister ordered.

The self anointed Commodore appeared on the screen, sprawled out on a large throne. Standish was standing next to him. Both were wearing grandiose military uniforms from Piet IV, large plums of vibrant feathers adorned the majority of it.

"Bannister, Jill, Klingons, so good of you to drop by. From what I understand you all expected this to be a vibrant storage yard, full of ships for the exploding, me for the taking, glory, honor, blood wine, and all of that crap. Kaplah!" He let out a laugh. Standish stood there. Lax turned to Standish, smacked him on the shoulder and went back to laughing.

"You see, one, I knew you were coming, two, do you think I'd be so dumb to have everything in one place? Something about eggs in a basket or something. Anyways, I see your comm person already trying to work out the bounce routing. Don't bother, and I doubt those Klingons have anything more than two tin cans strung together between their ships. Yes.. I know you're there, I can't see you but, all in good time. And soon, in good time, you are all going to be dead! Dead dead dead dead!" He could barely hold in the excitement.

"Mister Lax," Wolf replied with a slight emphasis on the title, "Since you bring up the subject, you stand accused of multiple counts of piracy, theft, kidnapping, murder and at least two known counts of attempted murder to state just a few. Do you really want to make things worse for yourself?"

The corner of the marine's mouth quirked upward ever so slightly. He had no idea what the plan was quite yet but the only thing better than an arrogant opponent is one that is convinced of his/her/its superiority as well as being outraged as well.

"Commodore, Mr. Wolf, though you don't seem to be of the big bad variety in that tin can of yours." Lax let out another laugh as he grabbed a padd from Standish and started typing commands in.

On the Klingon ship Mongral glanced at his operations officer who nodded. This conversation was now being live streamed to the same networks Lax had been using for propaganda. Let them see how he acted when he thought no one was watching.

"Diversions and distractions," he addressed to Lax. "You claim the Federation is a danger, and yet you do nothing about it. You hide and cry like a suckling babe and urge others to fight for you because you do not have the teeth. You strut like an Embat Foul; all plumage and no claws."

Bannister smirked openly before turning to the comm officer to "mute" their transmission while the Klingon commander was speaking. After that point he broke into a chuckle.

"I gotta hand it to our Ambassador...She can definitely pick 'em," he said with humor in his voice.

As the Steadfast's temporary CO looked around as he spoke. As he did so, he noticed some of the tension evaporate. A couple of folks were even grinning. He saw the look on Lt. Forst's face and, when he noted the folks around her were busy, gave her a bit of a wink.

After a moment he added with a smile and humor still in his voice, "XO....I think one of your magic tricks might be in order...if you have any ready of course."

"I'm still trying to figure out this grid, he's patched through all kinds of old tech, new tech, borrowed tech. He's bouncing it around this area. I'm trying." Jill moved over the grid, looking for a week spot.

Lax continued to Banter with the Klingons. "You'll know that the people believe in the work we are doing here, and you Klingons, are you ready to die being the lapdogs of the Federation yourselves? Honorless puppets at the heel of a Federation Marshall, and a bitch who likes to play dress up and parade around the galaxy? You disgust me. Just as guilty as the Federation dogs."

Mongral sniffed in feigned boredom, "More words. Show your face to your enemy, that is the path of honour; I am not surprised you do not understand. Less prattle, more teeth."

Lax sat up in his chair, and looked at the screen. "Mr. Standish, eliminate them. Release the hounds" Standish snorted as he ordered stepped off screen. "Welcome to the Maw of Madness."

(To be continued in Part 3)


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