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Posted on Fri Aug 26th, 2016 @ 3:47pm by Magnus Temple & Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: After the Party

Magnus' bare feet slapped against the wet, hard sand as he basked in the articificial warmth from the holographic sun dawning just over the horizon. He always felt centered after a run on the beautiful Amager beach, his favorite spot on Earth. Even light years away on this industrial space station, he could find peace and serenity after a run with this program.

His mind was not so easily calmed, however, after the troubling past few days. The unwelcome return of the Gerards into his personal and professional life; a daunting task of bringing peace and stability to an unstable region, and the shockingly sudden riot that erupted during a children's birthday party.

The last one really stumped Magnus.

"A riot." He said aloud, still in disbelief. "At a children's party!"

The Diplomat had never experienced something so ridiculous and yet so serious. Federation and Klingon relations were damaged, people had ended up in Sickbay, a child's day was ruined.

Magnus pushed harder, his lungs were starting to burn and his legs felt wobbly. With a furrowed brow he pushed on, trying to reach that moment of endorphin-fueled nirvana.

"Come on!" He growled at himself in Danish.

Two moments haunted the Diplmat from that party. The first was the curious conversation he'd overheard from the Klingons. They had definitely been discussing Gaspar, and definitely implied some involvement with the events there. So to soothe his concern, Magnus made a mental note to schedule a meeting with Captain Harrison and discuss his intel.

The second moment came during the riot when he had inadvertedly upset school teacher Mrs Mollington. He believed he was only following the Captain's orders but had appeared to grab her against her will. To think he may have invaded her personal space like that. Even if he thought he was doing the right thing, he had to apologise. Again, he made a mental note to schedule a meeting and hopefully resolve this.

Finally, he thought, he could concentrate on his run.

"MAGNUS!" Came the sudden, shrill cry from behind.

The lanky Dane stumbled and almost fell, managing to catch himself before he went face-first into the sand. The owner of the surprising cry approached hurriedly from behind. Magnus turned to see Michel Gerard approaching, his typical three-piece suit looking decidedly out of place on the beach.

"What the heck Magnus?!" Michel immediately exclaimed as he arrived.

"What?!" Magnus replied, hunched over waiting for his heart to stop racing. "You interrupt my run and shock the life out of me, and YOU are yelling at ME?"

"Where have you been?" Michel continued, not in the least concerned, "We were supposed to meet 'alf an 'our ago!"

Magnus took several deep breaths before finally looking up at his intruder. "Did you not hear about what happened today?"

"Only that you have stood me up on a very important day." Miche huffed, "You know we have the meeting with Operations later and we have to prepare."

Magnus couldn't help but laugh. Of course Gerard had not heard of the major security incident on the station. Of course he was only concerned about himself. Of course this was somehow Magnus' fault.

"Michel," The Diplomat began, "I have met with many enemies, fought deadly battles, negotiated high risk discussions, had my life threatened on more than one occassion. But only you make me reconsider my career in Star Fleet."

Michel looked around the holographic beach, unperturbed by his friend's comments. "Have you finished your pointless running exercise, or shall I just wait for the tide to come in and drown me?"

Magnus looked up, still taking deep breaths. Several seconds went by as he just stared.

"Well?" Michel asked testily.

"I'm considering." Magnus replied.

Michel scoffed, "Hilarious. When you have made yourself presentable again, please meet me on the Promenade."

The Frenchman quickly trotted off as the Holodeck door appeared in the middle of the beach and he exited. Once the door closed and the beach was back to normal, Magnus sat down hard in the sand.

'So much for my nirvana,' he thought.



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