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Posted on Wed Oct 26th, 2016 @ 1:03am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

Magnus Temple warmly greeted the Captain into his office, having grabbed Captain Harrison at his earliest convenience.

"I appreciate you meeting me here, Captain," Magnus began, his voice a little more hushed than usual. "But this is highly concerning and I don't wish to raise suspicions."

Harrison looked about him, unsure why the necessity for the cloak and dagger routine. “What might I do for you, Ambassador?”

Magnus waited till the door swished close behind them before talking, "Prior to the fight breaking out at the party, I overheard something from the Klingons. Remember I was coming over to tell you when it all kicked off."

Harrison remembered something of the sort but there had been a lot of water under the bridge since then. “Remind me, please.”

"I was over by the food table," Magnus began, trying to replay the incident in his mind, "And there were two Klingon soldiers talking... I didn't catch their names. But there was an older one there too. I specifically heard them mention Gaspar, being on Gaspar and how the children didn't put up a fight."

He looked Captain Harrison in the eyes, his own filled with confusion. "And they laughed, sir. They laughed."

Harrison considered what Temple had said. Three questions immediately sprang to his mind. “Are you sure they said they were on Gaspar? This was, I gather, at the time of the attack, not sometime after? Could they have been talking about the aftermath of the attack?”

"They specifically mentioned fighting on Gaspar," Temple replied, "Was there any official Klingon presence on the planet to explain this?"

Harrison thought for a few moments. “No, not official, not that I am aware of.”

"Well... I have something." Magnus began with a sigh. "I went to Ambassador Matlh's residence tonight, under the pretense of wanting to smooth things over after the birthday party fracas. As soon as I casually mentioned those Klingons, she freezed up completely. Whether she knows exactly what they have done, I don't know, but she's protecting them nonetheless."

“In my experience, Madame Haqtaj goes on the defensive whenever someone tries to level accusations against Klingons. Seemingly ‘freezing’ is one of her favoured postures. You will have to give me more than that, Ambassador.”

"The Ambassador did reveal some intell," Magnus continued. "She confirmed the Klingons were from House Tavaris, they are currently on a ship called the Ro'be, which is Captained by someone called KorHor."

Magnus raised an eyebrow and lowered his voice, "The ship will be docked at the station for a while longer, probably while their crew recovers in sickbay. This is our only chance to try and find some evidence. Ships logs, warp trail, anything that would either prove, or disprove, their claim."

“I will speak to my Security Chief about your concerns. I will take her advice on board before I authorise any action. Meanwhile, I will ask her to keep a close eye on your Klingons.”

Magnus gave an appreciative nod, "Thank you, Captain. But I understand this creates a sticky situation. I have just made some in-roads into relations with Ambassador Matlh. Admittedly, I used that relationship to gain this information but looking ahead to the future of our alliance with the Klingons, we need to be able to keep communicating with them. It cannot get out that I gave you this intel, or that they're being watched. She is incredibly intelligent and will make the connection right away. Discretion is the key here."

“Of course. You can trust my Security Chief to be discreet,” Harrison replied. He did not really think such a thing needed to be said but if it kept the ambassador happy....

"One final piece of business," Magnus was finally able to smile, relieved, "The new Romulan Ambassador arrived at the station, and I've proposed to hold a welcome lunch, including all the diplomatic teams and of course, yourself. I haven't made plans yet but just wanted to run it past you first."

Harrison smiled. “That, I think, is a wonderful idea, Ambassador. If you would be so good as to include my XO on the invitation list I would appreciate it.”

The Dane nodded again, "Of course. Is the Colonel back from his mission yet? Was he able to apprehend that awful bandit terrorist?"

“He is not but that is not why he is absent, not as far as the station generally knows anyway. He is just on a routine patrol. He is still a Federation Marshall, after all. That role still needs attention what with the bombing on Gaspar and everything else going on around us.”

"Well I'll include you both in the lunch when I've finally made some plans. Thank you for seeing me, Captain. I really hope this whole thing turns out to be nothing, but I appreciate you listening to me nonetheless."

“As I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Good afternoon, Ambassador.”


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