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Requests on the Wing

Posted on Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 @ 5:17am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Near Magnus Temple's office
Timeline: Moments after Accomodations of a Different Sort

General Corrus headed to the agreed meeting point suggested by the Deep Space 12 CO. He only paused a moment to tweak the list he'd made of suggested vessels to be assigned to the station.

When M.G. arrived he noticed that he appeared to be the first to arrive. He took the opportunity to review the list again, making sure the ships he chose matched the tactical and political situation in the area. He thought it was a pretty good list but realized it may need fine tuning and made some alternate suggestions just in case as he waited for his colleague to arrive.

Hurrying was not a mode of walking that Harrison preferred. It was not that he tended to stroll, more that he liked to maintain an even, steady pace. He found it got him to where he wanted to be far faster in the long run.

However, both Ambassador Temple and General Corrus had sounded like their business was important. If he was to fit both of them in inside the small window open to him, he needed to hurry.

He found Corrus perusing a PADD which looked battered and scratched, like it might have shared each and every one of the general's campaigns. Harrison vaguely wondered whether the polyglass screen was cracked. He knew some marines took it as a badge of honour that they'd been in such tough situations that the screen had been broken.

“Good afternoon, general,” he said. “I trust I find you well.”

Corrus looked up having been only marginally absorbed in the adjustments but he looked up with a smile, "Yes I am.
Thank you Captain. I hope you're doing the same?"

“I am. I presume you wish to discuss something to do with the Marines. How can I help?”

"Actually, I'd hoped to discuss the current auxiliary ship situation. I noticed you've got a rather...Diverse collection of shuttles and fighters," the marine pilot said.

Harrison smiled wanly. “You choose your words carefully, General. I would have put it in a far There was a musical genre centuries ago...headbanging it was called. That is what I feel like when I ask Starfleet for more ships. I have advised them of our situation many, many times.” He paused to take a deep breath. “They want provide protection for humanitarian convoys. They want us to to provide relief on Gaspar. They want us to hunt down and eliminate pirates. And what do they give us....” His voice trailed off. “Excuse me, General,” he resumed following another deep breath, “but it is a sore point with me. What did you wish to say?”

"I started in the fleet as a tactical officer on the Tolstoy. After recovering from being one of the few survivors after Wolf359 I moved to Xavier Fleet Yards where I got bumped to a flight commander within a few weeks. I've been a pilot since, though my uniform changed from time to time," the marine explained.

He continued by saying, "Frankly, with your mission profiles and the excitement that seems to land in the wild sectors, a ragtag squadron will NOT do. I aim to petition Fighter Command to correct the situation. Point in fact, I'd be willing to get...assertive about it if need be."

The smile barely shifted. “If you are asking my permission to approach Fighter Command, General – to go over my head, as it were – then you have it and I wish you luck. I will write up a report on our situation. It will not take long, I have three such reports in my files. All it will take is some updating. I do have one question though....”

"Sure. What's the question," the General asked.

“What exactly do you propose?”

"I'm glad you asked" MG said before tapping the pad and handing it to Deep Space 12's commander.

"I've been reviewing the details of the area and think that there should be a variety of shuttles. I'm recommending an Arrow class, Volga class and possibly an Orion class. Failing approval of that last I'd recommend a Danube class. The Orion is better suited but it may be a hard row thrown in with the others. The Danube is not horridly suited but....." he punctuated the trailing off with a shrug before adding, "I also would suggest a round mixture of fighters to allow more versatility."

“General, I am an administrator; I freely admit that I know little of such matters as the difference between various classes of ships. However, it seems to me that it would be better to have one class of ship. It would make for more efficient maintenance and less stocking of spare parts. I know the Danube class is old but it has served Starfleet well. The modifications that Chief O'Brien installed to meet the Dominion threat have become standard. More than that, the magnetic properties of the composite hulls make them easy to locate. That could be important as most of the missions will be conducted alone, not as part of a squadron.”

Wolf nodded and added after a couple heartbeats, "Valid points, Captain. In the end the final decision is yours with regards to the line up. That being said, there are two farther points I'd like to make."

The pilot turned flag officer paused for a second before explaining, "First off, a vast majority of the systems have interchangeable parts. There would be some variances but if we limit it to, say, one Arrow with two Danubes and split the fighter contingent to half Valkyrie's and half Javelins you'd have to stock only a few different parts."

"The second point is that each ship's got different strengths and different weaknesses. While the Federation has done well with making versatile ships, it's still good to have some different vessels to allow for wider mission capabilities. That's been the layout for virtually every fighter squadron I've served with from XFY to an Akira class and rounding out with the Concorde class I commanded. It served the station and ships quite well," Corrus finished with sound confidence of someone who'd had decades of experience in the field.

Harrison bowed his head slightly. “I defer to your greater experience and better judgement, General. Draw up the request and I will approve it. I would also appreciate a detailed analysis of our situation and the reasoning behind your decision to accompany it.”

"I'll have the report compiled and ready for you inside of the next 90 minutes, Captain," the flag officer said with a nod.

“Now,” Harrison said, “Ambassador Temple awaits. He too said he has urgent business so I had best be away.”


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