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Overlooking the Sea of Madness

Posted on Wed Nov 2nd, 2016 @ 2:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Contessa Cavenaugh Ph.D. & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Gaspar

Cass watched worriedly as things slowly started to degenerate. He'd seen riots from both sides and either way you looked at them they were ugly. He'd be damned if a relief mission he'd helped create went that way without pulling out all the stops.

He surveyed the situation again as his mind worked. On the way back of his first scan a dim memory hit him and clarified itself. He moved before it was totally resolved and rushed over to Deep Space 12's Chief Medical Officer.

"Hey doc....I've another idea that I'd like to quickly discuss with you and your key people if we can," Cass said.

Soraya nodded as Cass joined her. "I'm all ears."

"The natives are gettin' pretty restless out there....The big issue here is that these people were attacked. Their homes destroyed, their farms, food reserves, all they had right along side them. They are terrified and desperate.....I've been on both sides of this situation before so I know what I am talking about. I suppose you likely know the general dynamics of it," Lincoln explained.

After a beat he continued, "The bottleneck out there is not helping. What I'm thinking is a trick that was used in the past assuming we have the staff. Instead of one distribution point, have 3....4 if possible. That way these folks can get their immediate needs met faster and, when things settle some, we can get to work on the temporary housing situation."

"That was kind of our plan, but we didn't get time to implement it. Now we need to distract some of the colonists with another distribution point," the doctor said.

Contessa wasn't trying to eavesdrop but she did hear Cass' suggestion and agreed it had merit. The frustration was, given what had already happened to the population, there was no easy way to convince them to trust the team. Meeting their immediate needs as quickly as possible was a good start, but Cavanaugh hadn't lost sight of the fact the people had been hurt just trying to get their immediate needs met. Even though she knew such a thing would be wishful thinking, Cavanaugh couldn't help but wish there was a set of magic words that would immediately calm the people and ease the trauma they had been through enough so the team could be trusted.

"We could temporarily delegate some of the transporters to establish the alternate sites while the rest of the systems continue undistributed food and clothes before phasing in the temporary housing, replicators and generators," Cass suggested.

"We need a way to break this crowd into smaller groups, get them to queue up at least," Soraya said. "We need a bullhorn! Cass can you replicate one? We'll tell people to line up for medical care and food separately."

Cass nodded and called it into his crew. A moment later one materialized between them, the mouth piece up. He picked it up before handing it to the doctor and saying, "One of the better models I've come across."

The doctor took the instrument and flipped the switch on the side. She held it up and tapped a button.... the strange sound quietened the crowd for a moment and they all looked up at once. Soraya suppressed a smile as she remembered an old video of dozens of penguins reacting the same way.

"I am Doctor Delrisa of the Federation Starfleet. We have enough food and water for everyone, please form two lines here and here," she began, pointing to different sides of the clearing. "My team is ready to distribute everything you need. If you need medical attention then please form a line here," she said, pointing to the Triage tent. People looked dazed but then started queuing up. Soraya looked at Cass and sighed.

"I'm glad that worked," she said softly, handing back the bullhorn. "Can you follow up with new arrivals, I'm going to help at Triage."

"Will do Doc," Lincoln said with a smile.


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