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In for a Penny in for a Pound pt 3

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 5:40am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Lax/Pirate infested space

"Welcome to the Maw of Madness....." Commodor Lax's last words echoed for a few seconds before being interrupted by another voice.

"Captain! We have multiple targets coming in, patching it in to the Klingons as well." The weapon officer yelled across the bridge. "Twelve runabout sized ships, and a sub destroyer sized vessel several of the relics are reactivating, and... the asteroids! I'm detecting rapid movement on our position and." He paused for a moment while reading the trajectories "They are on a collision course with us, tracking seventy in total. Looks like they being powered by fusion impulse drives. Orders?"

Wolf scowled at the screen for a heartbeat before bringing up the tactical display. There was something vague that tickled at his memory but the memory was JUST out of reach.

He didn't have much time to ponder that however. After another heartbeat he said, "Ok....We've three ships that are well armed, well shielded and the most maneuverable of two fleets. Let's see about using that to our advantage. That jumped up space punk won't get us so easily. Tactical - Ready on attack pattern Corrus Baker 17, modify for our circumstances. Pass it along to our escorts please."

Mongral turned to his science officer, "Dosmaj'e' Hop pa'yo', bej 'ej jatlhlaH SaH JI 'ach Suvbe'. yItu'!" [Our target will be at the back of the fleet, watching and to say he was present but without taking part in any direct confrontation. Find him]

He turned to tactical, "HoS'avaD chIjbegh. maH nuQanlaH veQHom." [Increase power to the navigational deflector. That will protect us from most of the physical detritus]

As he listened to the activity around him, Bannister focused on the tactical display next to his command chair and let his thoughts go "out of focus" for a moment. When he was about to give up and the memory went from tickling to all but smacking him.

He quickly brought up the files on the incidents that had come to mind and forwarded then to Forst's station and said, "Lieutenant...Check the files I am sending to your station. Tell me that that some of the details don't look vaguely familiar."

Jill looked over the displays and information, overlaying with the trace information she was receiving back from the Klingons, their own sensors, and the incoming signals. "Maybe, I, can't really tell."

Outside the ship an asteroid exploded as one of the ships point defense systems hit an incoming boulder roughly the size of a runabout. The ship shook and shuddered as the remaining rubble impacted the hull.

== Lax's ship==

The commodore watched as the ships and asteroids hurtled towards their targets. "So long, farewell, auswiederzehn, aduie!" The pirate turned leader cackled across the comm.

"My little friends, I hope you can take solace that your remains will become the building blocks of stars."

==Bridge, Steadfast==

Wolf grinned and said, "Bigger scale...Same concept. Jill, prep a tachyon pulse..Modulations on a progressive scale which are on the way in a moment. Sweep the asteroids once it is ready."

He punched in the information from his Keppler 42 encounter where a few smugglers tried a similar if smaller scale scheme. The colonel would be pleased if this worked. He knew it'd not be 100% effective at this scale....Not by a long shot...but if this confused or disabled half the things he'd be pleased.

"Why a Tachyon pulse?" Jill started to type in the commands as another of the smaller asteroids rocked the ship. Point defense alarms blared as more were coming in. "We can pretty much see the damn things coming in."

"Call it a hunch. This is bigger and better organized but the pattern of the asteroids is way too similar to a run in I had a couple years ago. Any extra advantage is a good one right," Wolf replied with the last sounding like a question with no real indication if it was open or rhetorical.

6 years before there was a small time pirate who tried launching some asteroids at the Earp. 8 to 1 were some bad odds. As a gamble he activated a tachyon pulse to look for different forms of communication since the usual was not showing up. There it otherwise invisible network connecting the things out to kill him. The pulse he sent back terminated 7/8th of the dozen asteroids died or destroyed themselves.

He had more to protect now. The Steadfast...Her crew...Jill...His fiance...His new daughter.....

He turned to Jillian with a cold fury in his eyes as he said with a frosty tone, "Please activate it now, Lieutenant."

Jill punched in the commands in the console. The Tachyon pulse erupted from the ship, scrambling the communications network. "I'm getting a trace. Patching it in to the Klingons, He's using transmitter nodes stationed in two derelicts, one port one starboard. Attack the transmitter in grid Eight E." Jill sent the communications to the lead Klingonship. "I'm reading defense nodes around it, better watch."

Mongral responded, and the Klingon ships broke off from the asteroid field and headed for Lax's ship.

=== Lax's ship ===

"Snort snort squeel" Standish yelled from the control panel.

"I know, I know... what are they going to do to us though, three little tin cans against our ship? Send in the raiders first, we'll circle their flank and take out the Klingons first. They can't resist a good fight."


Mongral grinned. They had brought a surprise of their own, thanks to Ambassador Haqtaj's aide.

"Engage the tactic."

The space around the Klingons shimmered as more Klingon warships began to decloak; a Vorcha, 3 k't'inga, and another dozen B'rel, flying in formation.

There is an old saying there is no honour among thieves. Lax had promised the Pirate commanders easy kills and lots of glory and wealth for the taking. Instead they were facing a Klingon Armada. What good is money if you're dead. One by one the smaller of the Pirate ships broke off the encounter and moved away.

Unlike the Klingons and Federation, this was not a trained military, all willing to give their life for a greater ideal, this was a disparate group of pirates all out for themselves. They knew when to back the winning team and when to cut their losses. Soon the majority of Lax's protection were running in full route, with no appetite to fight.

Which is a shame, because most of the Klingon Armada was an expertly deployed sensor ghost, prepared especially by the holographic genius of Vartog's family. They were even able to mimic battle damage taken.

Mongral sat back in his chair, "Target Lax's shields. Prepare boarding parties.

=Lax's ship=

The Commodore watched as the new armada appeared, the raiders, mostly drunkards, warped out at flank speed. It was time to launch the plan.

"Lax to the Federation, I give us, so does Mr. Standish here"

The Pig creature snorted. "Take me to your leader!"

Wolf nodded and offered a gracious smile, "Very kind of you gentlemen. We've a few....points of procedure we'll need to discuss but once we hammer those out I'd like to cordially invite you to Deep Space 12 as our guests."

Bannister let off a conservative mental sigh of relief. It was almost over. He knew better to let his guard down quite yet however it was almost to the point where he could focus his attention elsewhere. For now though it was time to get the prisoners and his crew home and settle some debts with the Klingons in the form of blood wine.


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