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Posted on Sun Oct 16th, 2016 @ 4:30am by Magnus Temple & Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

Magnus was finally catching up on some lunch before his series of meetings today. Even though the station seemed quieter with so many crew away on Gaspar, there were still a myriad of issues the Dane was mulling over. But he figured there was no point worrying about them on an empty stomach.

As Temple walked towards the Promenade, he couldn't help but notice the arrival of DS12's new Romulan ambassador.

Magnus approached the older statesman with a polite smile, "Good afternoon, sir, welcome to the Station."

Telhas signaled his two guards to stay back. Although they were not armed, they could still fight if necessary. He bowed his head slightly to the tall Dane. "Thank you, sir, this is very kind. And you are?" After a second he added "Unfortunately, I did not have the time yet to read any of the files about this station's personnel." The truth was that the Tal Shiar had blocked any information for him, hence he lacked all the files.

Magnus smiled, "Ambassador Temple, Chief Diplomat on Deep Space 12. Sorry to have caught you early, I'm sure you'll get settled in soon. Is this your first time to the station?"

"Yes, it is. And the first time on a Cardassian design as well," the Romulan replied, "I am Telhas thu'S'Terion, Member of the Imperial Senate and Ambassador to this station. And a Vulcan duke, which may be a little odd, but explains my clothing." He grinned.

"Oh yes, wonderful attire," Temple replied with a nod, admiring the gentleman's fine robes. "Thank you for adding a touch of Regality to the station."

"Oh, well, I am a very traditional man," Telhas replied, "No need to thank me for that. Anyway, I appreciate your kind welcome." He bowed his head slightly.

"Once you are settled in, I'd love to hold an official welcome lunch for you," Magnus beamed, "I've not long joined DS12 myself but I'm sure we could organise something in our official states room."

"I am honoured and I gladly accept. Maybe I can even meet the other ambassadors," the Romulan said and took a second to reconsider, "Maybe except the Klingon, if we have one. Unless you think this would be considered an insult. In this case, even Klingons should be invited. Politeness is very important to me, maybe much more than it is to other Rihannsu."

Temple forced a smile on his face, "Well it can't hurt to ask them. Usually. I mean, we do have a considerable Klingon Consulate here, it would be wise diplomatically speaking to invite them."

Telhas shrugged. "Probably you should know that I am rather new to applied diplomacy. Despite my preparations to become a leader, the focus has always been on military educations. I am grateful for any advice, and I can assure you that it never hurts to have me in your dept."

"Oh thank goodness," Magnus laughed, "Another eight hour meeting with a career bureaucrat and I'll be taking a long walk out the airlock. But seriously, I've worked with plenty of military folks before, I much prefer their decisiveness and common sense, so I think you'll do fine here."

"Let us hope so," said Telhas.

"Well I won't keep you, sir," Magnus replied. "We'll be in touch soon to organise the lunch, but feel free to drop by the Federation Embassy if you require anything. A station tour, best places to purchase official gifts, or how to complete a form sixty-seven part A."

Telhas raised an eyebrow. "A form sixty... what?"

Magnus smiled, "Requisition of a multi-purpose space for the use of establishing a botanical or vegetable garden." He laughed at his own officiousness.

"Ah so..." Telhas grinned. "Well, if I should never need this, I will ask you." After a second he continued "Ambassador, I really enjoy our chat, but I am afraid that I have to get some official matters sorted out in my embassy. Please excuse me for now, and we will stay in contact and hopefully meet from time to time in the future. At latest for the welcome lunch. Jolan'tru, sir." He bowed his head slightly.

The Diplomat gave another respectful bow before departing from the Duke, happy to have hopefully made a good first impression. He waltzed on cheerily, with at least one less thing to worry about.



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