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Full Steam Ahead

Posted on Wed Nov 30th, 2016 @ 2:20pm by Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

It had only been half an hour since Michel called in the calvary, but the construction crew had already erected temporary hoarding in front of Cafe Parisienne and gotten to work stripping the insides for the big renovations.

Michel walked through the building site, PADD in hand, shouting instructions to everyone.

"Clear this whole space," He demanded, "Keep those chairs though. We'll paint them blue."

He stood in the middle of the bustling activity, like a monarch watching his servants work. As he was scrolling through his blueprint plans, suddenly two sprightly, twenty somethings in black suits arrived. Michel paid the young man and woman no attention, and certainly didn't acknowledge their presence.

After several minutes, the female finally spoke, "Mister Gerard?"

"What iz it?" He responded, barely looking up. "I'm extremely busy."

"We're your interns." The male replied.

Michel raised an eyebrow. He had requested assistants from the company but had hoped for experienced staff - not untrained, newbies fresh out of business school. It was just another sign to Michel that his family still didn't take him seriously.

"Fine," He sighed in his most exaggerated fashion, "But I have no time to learn your names or hold your hands. You are One and Two, and we are all now in the midst of the biggest single construction project since this station was built, d'accord?"

"Who's One and who's Two?" The female asked.

"Bother someone else with your questions." Michel replied. "We are stripping out the cafe to make room for the gorgeous entry up to Rue Francais. I trust you have familiarised yourselves with the plans?"

"Yes." they both answered immediately.

"Make sure you both know them one hundred percent." He replied.

A Star Fleet officer appeared from around the hoarding, pulling a tall crate on a hover-dolly.

"Mr Gerard?" She asked.

"More interruptions." Michel sighed. "What now?"

"Delivery from the cargo bay." The officer replied, handing over a PaDD. "Please authenticate here."

Michel recieved the goods and the crew woman hurried back out the cafe, as quickly as possible. Michel looked expectantly at the interns until they got the hint and started unpacking the crate for him. After a few minutes, they had unloaded the precious cargo...

Michel's high back, leather swivel chair.

He sat down in it carefully and immediately a wide smile brimmed on his usually dour face. He swivelled around a few times, testing the osciliation and comfort before giving an improving nod. The monarch had his throne.

"One," he spoke, looking to the young woman. "You need to see how the rest of the cargo is going, my friend in the Federation Embassy will be fast tracking its release for me. Make sure that happens."

With an eager nod, the intern quickly scuttled off to follow Michel's orders.

"Does that mean I'm Two?" The male intern asked dejectedly. This was not what he signed up for.

"For now," Michel said testily, "I need you to organise a clean up of the space upstairs. It's been empty since the Cardassians high-tailed it out of here, but it needs to be ready for the crew to start renovating."

"Aye, sir," He answered half-heartedly before walking away.

There came a cough from behind and Michel swivelled around, he was having too much fun with this chair. In front of him now was the foreman, Cole Ankerman, an older man who was looking decidedly unimpressed with Michel's swivelling.

"Michel, we need to talk structural integrity," he began, running a tricorder around the room. "If you're going to place a major stairway against that wall, you'll need to reinforce the load-bearing capabilities. Especially if it's going to handle the kind of traffic you're anticipating."

"But of course," Michel replied, standing up in a flourish. "We are halving the Cafe Parisienne and using it as an entryway leading up to the Rue Francais. Guests can purchase a delightful crépe before heading up to the boulevard."

"Wonderful," Cole remarked, "But that wall wasn't designed to take that kind of pedestrian traffic, especially on a -" he looked at the PaDD quizzically, "A wrought iron spiral staircase?"

"Oui," Michel smiled. "Very ornate and authentic."

"And heavy," Cole replied with a stern look. "How are you bringing something like that in? Industrial replicator?"

Michel scoffed, "It is genuine French iron made in a small bespoke iron-mongers in Bordeaux. I'm having it shipped from Earth as we speak. I have friends in high places, you know."

"Congratulations," The foreman replied without an ounce of sincerity. "I need three days to install structural pillars on the wall or your ornate staircase will come crashing down on your créperie."

Michel could only agree, as much as the delay was deeply frustrating to him. The Frenchman's plans were going full steam ahead and he didn't want any further complications.

"Mr Gerard?" Intern One reappeared, right on cue.

"Why is everyone so needy today?" Michel asked aloud to no one.

"I'm sorry, but it's the Federation embassy," she said hesitantly, "They say the Chief Diplomat, Ambassador Temple, is unavailable right now."

"Magnus," Michel rolled his eyes, "There's probably a new bathroom stall to dedicate in the name of Federation - Ferengi relations. I will contact him personally."

The intern bit her lip, "They also said they were unable to help with the cargo release and all supplies must go through proper Federation protocol."

Michel sat down in his swivel chair again, turning around so he couldn't be seen. Frowning, he wondered if he hadn't been too hasty in dismissing the Dane earlier. Perhaps all those years in diplomacy had softened his ego?

Eitherway, Michel was going to have to make amends. His least favorite thing to do.

"Fine." Michel stood again, "Number one, head up stairs to help the other one, he looked like he hadn't cleaned a day in his life. I will sort this problem out myself."

Michel began to walk out to the Promenade again but as he did, he called out. "And no one may sit in my chair!"



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