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Arriving in the Embassy

Posted on Tue Nov 8th, 2016 @ 8:41pm by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

Shortly after his arrival and his talk with Ambassador Temple, Telhas had found the Romulan Embassy. His personal guards made sure to announce his arrival in time so the staff stood ready for his welcome. Actually they were only a few, which made it much more easy for Telhas to do what he had planned.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he started presenting his agenda, "You may or may not have served our Star Empire for some time now, and probably have gained some expereince in diplomacy. Unfortunately for you, I am a senator. I do not care solely for your skills in diplomacy, but also for your loyalties within the Imperial Senate. And beyond. Do not take this personal, but within the next few days, some or even many of you may be dismissed." He could see surprise and even anger in some faces, but he continued calmly. "Of course, those to be dismissed will receive an excellent letter of reference from me, which will probably ensure that you can continue to work in the diplomatic corps."

A younger man made a step forward. "Ambassador, you make a big mistake! I am Jenoth tr'Hiren, and my uncle's a senator as well! You'll regret..."

"Stop!" Telhas interrupted his fellow Romulan. "House Hiren, yes?" He smirked. "Good to know. You are fired. Leave within the day. Your will receive a proper allowance for your return to Rator III. Jolan'tru." There was not even an indication of emotion in Telhas' face.

The lack of emotion Telhas displayed was in total contrast to Jenoth's expression. He was totally upset. "This is outrageous! The Senate will hear from this! You'll regret it, you and your stupid Clan!" He turned to the embassy's exit, but was stopped by Telhas' guards.

Telhas suppressed his urge to bring the guy down with a telepathic attack. Instead, he still appeared calm. "Did you just offend me in front of all? Really?"

Jenoth started to understand that he challenged the wrong person. "Maybe in the heat of of the moment..." He shrugged. "I've lost my composure, sorry for that, Sir. If I may..."

"You may not! Guards, arrest him. Get me the holocam recordings of this incident!" Telhas ordered. He looked emotionless at Jenoth as he was dragged away by the guards. Then he looked at the remaining staff. "Is there anyone else who wants to object? If so, please keep your composure, as I will make an example of the next one who dares to offend me. Is this clear?" Obviously it was. "Fine, now, anything I should know?"

"Nothing that isn't in your intelligence report," the Tal Shiar attaché said.

Telhas looked at the man for a while before he replied with a smile "Actually, there is no such report. Please do me the favour and get me a copy, will you?" He was sure that the attaché knew that the Tal Shiar did not inform him. And the attaché knew that he knew, but this was part of the game. A game Telhas had played as Tal Diann officer and he continued to play as senator.

"Sure," the attaché said with a respectful nod and added "If I can establish a secure connection to Tal Shiar HQ, that is."

"Of course," Telhas stated. He thought for a moment before he brought up the next topic. "Do we have an ambassador's aide here?" He wondered if his predecessor had forgotten to take his aide with him.

"Here," a younger woman made a step forward.

"I am sorry to have bad news for you, but you are dismissed. I have brought my own aide with me."

The former aide took the news without changing her expression. "Of course, sir. May I ask you for a letter of recommendation?"

Telhas nodded. "You may. And you will receive a perfect letter." Knowing that this was the chance to make some friends he added "And until you are hired again I will continue paying your salary, on my private expenditure. In addition you are granted an allowance for travelling, please contact my House's administration when you are back in the Empire."

"Thank you, sir."

"Anything from your side?" Telhas asked the staff. "Nothing? Well, then I would like to see my office."


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