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Posted on Fri Nov 11th, 2016 @ 6:13pm by Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

"Look, there goes another one."


"There, walking across the Promenade. She was an Aide, I think. Tried to ask her out for drinks once."

"Of course you did. But how do you know she's been fired?"

"I tell ya, the new head Romulan is clearing house. He arrived with his own team."

"The last guy was getting dragged out by the guards. Hardly seems like a simple staff turn over."

"Nah, this guy is upper echelon. Right up the hierarchy. He doesn't mess around."

Magnus Temple appeared from inside of his office to find two of his Diplomatic staff with their faces pressed against the glass window of the Federation Embassy entrance, looking out onto DS12's Promenade like two puppies awaiting adoption, and commentating on proceedings.

He cleared his throat and the two looked around, sheepishly.

"What are you doing?" He asked flatly, already weary of today's events.

"There seems to be something going on at the Romulan embassy," Sally the receptionist replied.

"The new guy's clearing house. Whole station is talking about it." Insisted young intern Ashra.

"The 'new guy' is Ambassador Telhas, a respected elder statesmen," Magnus spoke in his stern tone, "And I won't have members of the Federation Embassy gawking out the front window, gossiping over their activities. This is beneath us as diplomats and envoys of the United Federation of Planets!"

Magnus sighed, "Especially as you're fogging up the glass."

Both Sally and Ashra looked downwards at their feet like scolded school children, before giving a sullen, "Sorry, sir."

Magnus raised an eyebrow, "And should I catch you doing it again, I'll make the Romulan terminations look like child's play."

"Yes, sir," they replied in unison.

"Good. Now, Ashra, I need a report on Gaspar to publish on the diplomatic cables. Sally, we need to plan a welcome reception for Ambassador Telhas."

Without further instruction required, Ashra disappeared back into the office as Sally marched around to her desk, sat down, and awakened her console. Magnus leaned against the other side of the desk, folding his arms.

"Can do, sir," She replied, typing away, "Oh, is that why Captain Harrison was here?"

Magnus gulped a little. "What?"

"The Captain. I saw him leaving earlier, but you had no appointment in the schedule with him." Sally replied. "I assume it was due to the new Ambassador's arrival."

"Yes." Magnus answered slowly, knowing it wasn't a complete lie. He had discussed a reception with the Captain, but that wasn't the real reason for his visit. "But the Captain doesn't require an appointment, Sally. He is free to visit on official business whenever he pleases."

Sally frowned in response, sensing the Dane's odd tone. "Okay, I will make a note of that."

Magnus quickly changed the subject, "We will hold the reception here in our formal dining room. The Romulan, Klingon, and Cardassian Ambassadors will be invited. They may bring up to three guests or security personnel with them. Also, Captain Harrison and Lieutenant Colonel Bannister may come, with guests."

Sally was noting this down on her LCARS screen, though not without a perplexed look on her face.

"Thoughts?" Magnus asked.

"Just, all those people together? So soon after the birthday party fiasco?" Sally replied worriedly.

"I doubt another fight will occur, Sally," Magnus laughed, "This is polite conversation and restrained pleasantries over finger food and culturally appropriate beverages."

"If you say so,"

"Also, organise finger food and culturally appropriate beverages," Magnus smiled then continued, "Dress will be formal for an evening reception. I will write the invitations myself to provide a personal touch."

Sally finished typing with a flourish of finger strokes across the glass screen. "Is that the final guest list, sir?"

"Yes. Why? Oh, of course all our staff will be welcome."

"No," Sally sighed, "What about the annoying businessman. Gerard?"

It was Magnus' turn to frown, "This is for dignitaries and high office holders, not store vendors. I don't want Michel handing out pamphlets for free breakfast crépes to a Romulan Duke."

Sally let out an unrestrained laugh, "Oh gosh, he would too."

"Exactly. I need to get in touch with T'ami, can I leave you to start preparations?" Magnus asked.

"Yes, sir," she replied with a smile.

"Thank you, Sally, I appreciate it."

Magnus moved off the desk he was leaning on and started back towards his office. He suddenly stopped and looked back towards the glass entrance.

"Did you say one was being dragged by guards?" He asked, despite himself.

Sally shook her head, "I'm not participating in station gossip, sir. It's beneath us."

Magnus smiled, "Of course, well done, you didn't fall for it."

Sally nodded and looked back to her screen, "Plus, Ashra saw it, not me."

Magnus shrugged, "Oh. Well, I need to speak with him anyway. About the cables, of course."

"Of course," Sally replied, giving a knowing smile, "Just don't fog up the glass."

Magnus laughed and returned to his office.



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