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New Staff and Old Faces

Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2016 @ 9:26pm by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy
Timeline: One day after "Political Agreement"

Telhas was ahead of his plan. It was only his second day as Romulan Ambassador to Deep Space Twelve and he knew whom he would keep in the Embassy and whom he would replace. In the morning he had interviewed those where had doubts in their loyalty and his assessment was supported by his psionic skills. Actually not the way he preferred, but it was efficient. He had granted everyone enough time to have lunch before he assembled all in the meeting room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have decided on my staff now. I will start with the most important position. Nuhir t'Liemha," he looked at the 71-year-old woman, "You are the most experienced person in this Embassy, and I have absolutely no doubts in your loyalty. I would be honoured if you would continue to serve this Embassy as Head of Protocol."

Nuhir bowed. "It is an honour to serve your Excellency." It was unnecessary to say more.

Telhas inclined his head appreciatively. "Thank you." He then looked at another woman of the Embassy's staff. She looked slightly younger than him. "S'anra t'Khrev, your knowledge of foreign cultures is of great value. Please accept my offer to serve as my Cultural Attaché."

"Of course I will!" S'anra beamed with pride. "Be assured that I will not disappoint you, sir."

"I know," Telhas replied before turning to the next one. "Lieutenant Hvaid tr'Serev, despite your unsuccessful attempt to get me the Tal Shiar briefing for my post as Ambassador, I take into account that you tried and that you are not guilty of your superiors playing political games. Thus, and because I cannot get rid of you without further enraging your agency, I keep you as Tal Shiar Attaché. Oh, and before you thank me, please note that I will also keep Centurion Emni t'Droall as Tal Diann Attaché. Mostly because I learned that she is pretty good in watching you." He looked at the young Tal Shiar officer for a moment, then at the not much older Tal Diann officer. "Both of you, I want no excessive hostile actions between you, understood?" He knew all to well how Tal Shiar and Tal Diann opposed each other. He even knew it from both points of view as he had been in both agencies.

"Yes, sir!" both officers shouted.

Telhas nodded. "Very well. Finally, the Secretary, Mister Maec ir-Kae'raktar, will stay. You will, right?"

The man just nodded.

""Good. Now, the changes." Telhas looked at the assembled staff and he was sure all knew who would leave. Although some had a pleasant reason. "The Head of Security, Mister Ahrm'n i-Rathwyn, will join the ranks of the Tal Prai'ex. I am happy to announce that his application has finally been accepted. Your rank will be Lieutenant." He presented him the rank insignia with a polite smile. "Congratulations."

Ahrm'n took the insignia and saluted. "Thank you, your Excellency!"

"This was not my influence, but your good work," replied Telhas before he signaled an elder man to make a step forward. "Lieutenant Ahrm'n will be replaced by Maiek tr'Sahen. He will be in charge of any security relevant issues. As a note, this means that his orders are to be obeyed even by our intelligence attachés. If you have a problem with his orders, inform either me or the Head of Protocol. Now, the next one. Our Diplomatic Attaché has already left us to become Consul General to Betazed. She is replaced by Eviess t'Rrahlem." He signaled the young woman to step forward. "Please do not be distracted by her young age. She was best of her class at university, majored in law, minors were politics and economy. Her thesis on intergalactic law became a standard textbook recently." And the fact that her grandfather was a Tal Shiar Judge and a friend of Telhas were a nice bonus.

Those who had served here before Telhas had been appointed Ambassador whispered repsectfully. Indeed, Eviess' record was impressive. The young woman knew it well, and she did not hide her pride.

"Her brother, Mahan tr'Rrahlem, also a lawyer, will fill the position of Legal Attaché, which has been unoccupied for a while now. If you have any legal issues, feel free to contact him."

The young man bowed his head. "I will do what I can to serve this Embassy."

"Helev tr'Rehu, you will be my new Aide." Telhas looked at his cousin. The woman was much younger than him and wore her hair almost waist-long. House Rehu showed an independent attitude. Telhas remembered his mother, also a Rehu. "She has just finished her compulsory military service and joined the Diplomatic Corps."

Helev bowed shyly. "Thank you for the opportunity, Tel... uhm... Exce... your Excellency." She blushed.

"We will practise this a little more, Lady Rehu," Telhas stated. "This is all for now. Those of you who are leaving us now, the Star Empire thanks you for your service to this Embassy. Hopefully you will continue your good work at your new post. Those of you who are new to this Embassy, welcome to your new job and may you continue the good work of your predecessors. Jolan tru."

That said, Telhas left the meeting room. What he did not mention was that security were already replaced by his personal guards. Actually this was needless to say.


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