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Posted on Mon Dec 5th, 2016 @ 1:56pm by Magnus Temple & Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy


Magnus had to quickly shake off his troubling encounter with Michel Gerard to follow up on a more important duty. 'Let Michel have his stores and boulevards' Magnus thought. He had a job to do as a Diplomat - An Ambassador, no less - and his focus would no longer be diverted.

The Dane straightened out his uniform and approached the Romulan embassy with a respectful bow. He noticed the regular security personnel had been replaced with new officers that he didn't recognise. Perhaps the rumours his staff had been hearing were true.

"Shaoi dan," Magnus spoke, "My name is Ambassador Temple, Chief Diplomatic Officer. I have an appointment to see Ambassador Telhas."

The guard signalled Temple to enter the Embassy, where he was welcomed by a known face. Maec ir-Kae'raktar was still secretary. "Ah, Ambassador Temple, welcome. How are you?"

"Julan Tru, glad to see you here," Magnus replied warmly. Of course the Secretary would have survived any staff changes. To borrow on old saying, he was like Teflon. "I hope the transition of the new Ambassador has been reinvigorating for the Embassy."

Maec shrugged. "Only time will tell. We had some recent changes in staff. The Ambassador brought replacements with him, some of thim with a grand reputation despite their young age. I'd say we're in a good position for even most difficult negotiations by now. But we'll see." He looked at his screen. "Your appointment with the Ambassador is now. Please follow me to the Ambassador's office," he said while rising to his feet.

Maec went into the inner part of the Embassy and turned directly to the left, following a small corridor. They passed three doors to their left before they reached a fourth door guarded by security, who opened the door for the Secretary and signalled Magnus to wait. The door did not even close before Maec left the room again and gave the guard a nod. "The Ambassador awaits you, your Excellency."

Temple was prepared to wait patiently outside the room with arms held formally behind his back. The Dane had spent many occasions standing patiently in corridors, he was used to staring at random spots on the ceiling as guards awkwardly kept an eye on him. Thankfully, he wasn't waiting long before the secretary returned and he was ushered in to see the Ambassador.

"Hann'yyo," Magnus replied with a smile to Maec as he entered the room. Once inside, he greeted Ambassador Telhas with a respectful nod, "Shaoi dan, your Excellency,"

Telhas was standing in the middle of his office to welcome Magnus. "Shaoi dan, Ambassador Temple. Please, have a seat." He pointed at a two armchairs in the corner, with a good view to the window and a small wooden table between. They matched the office, where fine wooden furniture dominated, all as left from his predecessor. The desk showed not much personal belongings, except a holographic image of a younger version of Telhas in academic robes, accompanied by two other young adults, a man and a woman, and two elder Romulans in Commander's uniform.

Temple lowered himself into the armchair and looked wistfully out the window, "You have an amazing view, your Excellency. I think my office faces the starboard cargo bay."

"Probably one wanted to keep my predecessor happy when they assigned these quarters," Telhas replied while walking to the replicator, "And they thought it would not be necessary for the Federation representative." He grinned and took two replicated cups. Coming back to the armchair ensemble he continued talking "Typically one has a tendency to forget about friends. May I offer you a cup of Reman Spice Tea?"

"Yes please," Magnus smiled gratefully, "I had Klingon blood wine yesterday and I think I'm still tasting it. This will be a welcome change."

The Dane carefully sipped on the warm, aromatic drink, giving an appreciative nod to the Romulan, "Hmm delicious."

Telhas rested in the other armchair and took a sip from his cup. "Yes, it is. You know, when I still was a child, during winter in my home, high up the Kae'raktar Mountains, I always had a nice warm cup of this tea after returning from working out in the cold, snow-covered park. These are good memories." He looked thoughtfully at his cup for a moment before looking at his guest again. "Anyway, I should not waste your valuable time. What can I do for you?"

Magnus placed the cup gently down onto the side table and retrieved his PaDD. With a few flicks of his fingers he found the file he was looking for and turned it around to Ambassador Telhas.

"Well first I'd like to formally invite you to a welcome luncheon in your honour this coming weekend," Magnus smiled, "It will he held in the Federation Embassy, with the Captain and Executive Officer in attendance."

Telhas nodded. "You honour me, and it is my honour to accept your invitation. Whome else do you invite?"

"In terms of guests," Magnus began, "As an official event, I'm only inviting accredited diplomatic or senior station staff. But I will of course give you veto of the final list, and allow additional guests if you please."

"There will be no veto," Telhas stated.

Magnus smiled, "We have a saying in my native language. 'Bedre være alene end i dårligt selskab,' which means you are better off alone than in bad company. But I appreciate you not wishing to veto. Now, whom can I add to your list of guests?"

"Who may accompany me?" Telhas thought for a moment before he had the namesof those he definitely wanted to be present. "Personally, I would ask you to add Eviess t'Rrahlem, my new Diplomatic Attaché, Helev tr'Rehu, my new Aide, and my new Head of Security, Maiek tr'Sahen. It will be an opportunity for them to learn."

Temple tapped away on his PADD, happily adding the Ambassador's entourage to the guest list. He did this quickly so as not to lose eye contact with the Romulan for too long, lest he appear rude. 'Next time,' he thought, 'I'll bring an assistant to take notes.'

"Very well," He smiled again when finished, "Please feel free to have your team send over any dietary requirements you wish us to observe, we'll be happy to accomodate."

"You will receive a list," Telhas replied and took another sip of his tea.

"There was one more bit of business," Temple said, putting the PaDD back down and clasping his hands together on his knees, "My approach to this role here, or at least how I see the role, is not merely to hold the Federation line or just to make empty gestures over canapés and wine. I hope to do real, progressive work in advancing relations with all parties onboard. To that end, I wish to extend a genuine hand of cooperation to you, so that our two powers may work in partnership to our mutual benefit."

Telhas nodded thoughtfully."You should know that the old Romulan Empire died with the Hearthworlds. And the new Romulan Star Empire has not yet arrived. I hope that I represent the new Empire, but it may as well be a Tal Shiar dictatorship in the end, or worse. Many factions are struggling for power, and the situation with the Cardassians complicates everything." Probably this had been a little too honest, but this was his way of diplomacy. "Help me to solve this first and work on a peace contract with the Cardassians. I assure you that things will get easier once this is achieved." Of course, it would also help strengthen Telhas' position in the Senate.

Magnus nodded, "I can say with confidence that the Federation anticipates the emergence of a new Romulan Empire. It's never been a question of 'if', but 'when' to us. Whatever service I can provide, in the hopes that a new Empire and the Federation may continue to cooperate, I will gladly offer. Unfortunately, the Cardassian Embassy is without a permanent Ambassador at the moment, but we could work on a draft contract and request a diplomatic attaché to begin negotiations."

Telhas smiled politely. "I think we can achieve something together for a better future of all people. However, I guess we have to get through protocol first and you need to prepare the welcome luncheon this weekend... ahm... almost forgot this. Is Romulan Ale still illegal in the Federation?"

The Dane shifted in his seat, "As far as I'm aware the trade embargo was reinstated following the end of the Dominion war. But you will find DS12 is an industrious and resourceful station, I'm sure I could find some just for you."

"Oh, please no," Telhas said, "I just thought that I could offer some for your chef. However, I would appreciate any possibility to keep my storage filled."

Magnus made a note of it in his PaDD and smiled again to the Romulan Ambassador. "Now, one last thing. When we met on the Promenade and first discussed the lunch, you mentioned the Klingons. Did you have any thoughts on whether or not to include them?"

"Indeed I have," Telhas replied, "And regardless of how they may see it, I want them to be invited. Not because of any diplomatic reasoning, but simply because I am a Senator, and a Duke, and above any small-minded rivalry."

"Vidunderlig," Magnus replied at the wonderful news. "I will extend an invitation to Ambassador Matlh as well."

A fleeting thought passed his mind that he could help orchestrate a peaceful triumvirate between the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons. It was a ridiculous, momentary thought and caused Magnus to grin to himself.

"Well that's all I have for you, sir," Temple said, "I won't keep you any longer, I'm sure you have a lot to do. If you have any further instructions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get into contact."

"My Head of Protocol will take care of any such issues. If there should be anything your staff needs to discuss, they are welcome to contact her." Telhas rose to his feet. "Thank you for your visit, Ambassador. I think it may be a good idea to meet once a week, maybe together with our Klingon colleague."

Magnus raised an eyebrow, "An intriguing idea, I will certainly propose that to her."

Telhas led Temple personally to the Romulan Embassy's lobby, a sign of great respect in Romulan culture. "Jolan tru, Ambassador."

"Jolan tru, your Excellency," Magnus replied in turn, before giving another bow and departing from the Romulan embassy.



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