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Crumbled World

Posted on Mon Nov 28th, 2016 @ 10:20am by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Gaspar

T'ami had been heading back to the transport ship to gain more supplies when she came across a little girl playing by herself within the rocks. Her clothes were ragged and dusty, her young features hidden under a layer of dirt. The Caitian's heart leaped and she called out gently to her.

"Hello darling," T'ami smiled, crouching down.

The girl looked up from her play, "Kitty."

"Yes, big kitty." T'ami replied, pulling a tricorder out of her pocket and waved it subtly over the child, who was now fixated on playing with the Caitian's long mane. She looked at the results and sighed in relief. "Thank goodness, no injuries. What's your name darling?"

"Gemra," she said softly. The girl looked at T'ami and was gently stroking the fur on her arms, fascinated to see a big, talking kitty for the first time. Behind the dirt on her face were a pair of bright green eyes, dimmed by the troubles she had clearly faced in the past few days. The Caitian's heart went out to her.

"Pleased to meet you, Gemra, I'm T'ami." The Ensign smiled. "What are you doing here on your own, Gemra?"

"Scary bang." The girl murmured, her lip curling into a frown.

"Oh darling I know, it's over now." T'ami replied, brushing a strand of her dirty hair out of her face. "Darling, where's your mother? Hey? Where's Mummy?"

The girl frowned again, her brow furrowed in confusion. "Mummy sleeping."

A feeling of dread washed over the Ensign as the girl's quiet words hit home. In the distance she could hear Doctor Delrisa on a megaphone, trying to control the unruly crowds of hungry survivors. T'ami looked around but everyone was busy running about handing out supplies or setting up the relief stations.

Immediately regretting her decision before she had even started, T'ami stood and held out her hand to the girl.

"Gemra, show me where Mummy is okay?" T'ami said, standing up.

With a polite nod, the girl took the Ensign's hand and started to walk off into the ruins of the city. T'ami walked slowly behind, still looking around for help that wasn't to come.

After a few minutes, Gemra stopped and started biting her bottom lip. T'ami could see the rubble of a small house that been destroyed, but no signs of any one alive.

"Where's mummy?" T'ami asked but the little girl just pointed into the remains. "What about Daddy?" The girl only shook her head.

With a deep breath, T'ami walked slowly towards the house and started calling out to anyone who might be home but there was only silence. She retrieved her tricorder again and started searching for signs of life.

Having no success, she turned back to Gemra. "Where's mummy sleeping?"

Slowly and reluctantly, the girl walked over and pointed out a single bed that was covered in bricks and a fallen beam. T'ami felt sick to her stomach, thinking the girl's mother had been crushed in her bed. But suddenly the tricorder beeped, indicating a found life sign.

T'ami ran over the rubble to the bed, just as she saw Gemra pointing underneath it. There was a hole in the rubble, just big enough for Gemra to have crawled out of. The Caitian looked into the hole and found the girl's mother, unconscious but with a steady heart beat.

"Let's get mummy out, hey?" T'ami announced, putting a big smile on her face to ease the girl's mind.

With a happy squeal, the girl helped T'ami as they cleared the rubble from in front of the bed, the Caitian using her strength to move the heavy beam. Finally after several minutes, there was room to retrieve the woman from underneath.

Cautiously, T'ami crawled in and looked to see if the girl's mother had any other injuries. Seeing nothing, she began to gently pull her out and carry her out of the destroyed house. T'ami panted as she felt the strain of carrying the women in her arms, but little Gemra danced around them with innocent glee.

"Okay, I'm just going to look at mummy," T'ami told the girl as she gently lowered her mother onto a patch of grass. The tricorder delivered several warnings, indicating that the woman was malnourished and suffering from concussion. Thankfully, she was going to survive.

Taking another deep breath, T'ami lifted the woman back up again and put on a big smile to the girl. "Come on Gemra, let's get mummy some help, okay?"

She smiled, "Time to wake up mummy!"

T'ami replied with an enthusiastic cheer, still trying to be brave. She couldn't let herself think about the two hiding under the bed as their world crumbled around them, mother protecting daughter in the midst of chaos. She couldn't think of the poor girl, now confused and alone, left to fend for herself in a disaster she couldn't understand.

Every step was heavy for the Caitian, but she was determined to see those bright green eyes of Gemra's shine again. She hurried back towards the Federation Triage tent, hoping to get help right away.



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