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Posted on Sun Jan 15th, 2017 @ 10:53pm by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

Telhas had always encouraged those working for him to come up with ideas of their own. Now his Eviess t'Rrahlem, his diplomatic attaché, had asked him for an appointment to debate her ideas. He had granted her an appointment, but in a challenging environment. He had invited her to discuss with him during fencing exercises. He knew that she had been part of her university's fencing team, and he himself needed some exercise. So they met in the dining hall, which had been emptied of all furniture, both equipped with their favourite fencing weapon, respectively. Actually, they did not use the real weapons, but edgeless replicas. In the beginning, there had been no real talk as they focused on each other, but after half an hour they made it to debate.

"Now, Eviess," Telhas said as he rammed his jian-like weapon forward, trying to score a hit, which had been parried by his attaché's rapier-like weapon, "Tell me more... about your thoughts."

"The problem you are facing... hah!" She tried a beat attack, but Telhas simply circle parried and extended his arm to add some distance. "The problem is that peace talks... hah!" Now she lunged, but he parried and counter-attacked, which she parried. "Peace talks will fail."

"I see." Telhas lowered his weapon just to attack and disengage. The sudden change of direction almost had him succeed, but Eviess made it to parry and riposte with a "Hah!" of hers. Making a quick step back, her weapon stopped in the new void between them. "And why?"

"Because the Order of Twelve... seems to be pretty... influential," she said, accompanied by a beat attack to test his defense, "And the... Cardassians could afford... opening a second frontline... We are too weak." As soon as she spotted Telhas thinking about what she just said, she attacked his blade again, followed by a quick stab towards his mask. His parry was not elegant as he simply raised his sword above his head, but it was sufficient to prevent her to score a hit.

"Nice attack," he said while making a step back. "And what... is your suggestion?"

"Form an alliance," she replied. "Hah!" Her next beat attack had been countered by a circle parry and a counter-attack, which she had barely been able to parry.

And Telhas continued with a remise, and another attack, and again. Despite her younger age, she had not been able to counter the last one. He scored a hit.

"This was the third," he said triumphantly. They had agreed that the first one who scored three hits was the winner of this sparring match. "So it is three versus two in the end. You are challenging." He saluted with his sword, and she returned the salute. As they both took off their fencing masks one could see sweat running down their faces, with Telhas looking a little more sweating than Eviess.

"Hann'yyo, rekkhai," Eviess replied wiping the sweat from her face. "Now back... to business." She took deep breath. "We need an alliance."

"I have very severe doubts... about possible allies," he replied, still breathing heavily.

"The Federation probably. The Klingons maybe." She looked at her superior for a moment before she continued. "Not necessarily a military alliance."

"You mean political?"

"Diplomatic or political, yes. If we all talk with one voice, demanding the same, the Cardassians will listen." Eviess said with absolute self assurance.

Telhas nodded thoughtfully. "Good idea, but with the problem of getting Senatorial support. I want an assessment of which Romulan positions are negotiable and which are not. You have one day."

"Yes, Senator." Eviess bowed and left the dining hall.

In his head, Telhas already thought about how to form such an alliance for peace talks. He was not yet sure whom he should contact first, the Federation Ambassador or the Klingon Ambassador, or both at the same time. But he could sleep one night or two before making a first step.


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