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Posted on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 1:32am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Magnus Temple & Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

It had only taken the Federation Embassy staff a few days to put together the welcome luncheon for Ambassador Telhas, and as Magnus surveyed the reception room with it's mix of Romulan and Federation decoration, he was pleasantly surprised at how it had all come together. Choosing a more informal feeling for the first official function, the room had been filled with a few small round tables around the space, though each featured a culturally significant centre piece. There was a small bar by the entrance and sporadic seating throughout, giving the friendly vibe Temple had hoped for.

Magnus turned to his assistant Volke as he entered, "Is the food ready?"

Volke nodded stoically, "Food will be delivered from the Promenade as scheduled, Ambassador."

Temple nodded slowly, still thinking over today's plans, "Thank you. Wait staff will serve the food, I have Ashra on the bar, and you'll be our greeter."

"An inefficient use of my talents," Volke replied dryly.

Magnus wasn't listening, as he was giving the room another look over, trying to think if he'd forgotten anything. Soon they heard the unmistakeable sound of the Embassy doors opening as the first arrival entered the reception area just outside.

Magnus looked to Volke with an excited grin - which he, unsurprisingly, did not reciprocate. "Someone's here! Quick, you lead them in and I'll receive them inside the room."

Volke looked displeased at being a glorified butler but dutifully made his way out to reception to greet the first guest.

The first of the Romulans to arrive was their Head of Security, dressed in the uniform of the personal guard of Clan S'Terion, but lacking arms. The elderly man approached Volke and greeted. "Sir, I am Maiek tr'Sahen. I am personally responsible for the Duke's security. And he wanted me to be present." Smiling he added "I take it there's no reason to worry for me, ie? Uhm... that's phrased correctly, wasn't it?"

Volke raised an eyebrow, "You can be assured that this location is suitably secure for your Ambassador," he paused, "And yourself."

The young Vulcan indicated to the Security officer to follow him into the Reception room with a respectful nod. "This way, sir,"

Harrison stood outside the door to the reception room, feeling like a tailor’s dummy. He was in full dress uniform. It fitted him well though – if he was being honest with himself – he had to admit that he had lost more than few inches around the middle since last he had worn it

I really must make that appointment with the Medical staff, he thought.

He self-consciously pulled his jacket down. It was an action he had once seen Jean-Luc Picard perform – a mannerism, he supposed – and it had since become like a ritual for him whenever he was nervous. Faced with the prospect of having to converse with ambassadors and their staff – a prospect he had never liked – he was very nervous right now.

He drew a deep breath and entered the room.

Magnus saw the Captain and smiled, thankful that Harrison had joined the welcome lunch. He believed it would show high respect to their Romulan guests to have the commanding officer of Deep Space 12 in attendance. The Dane gave himself a mental pat on the back for arranging the meeting.

Harrison crossed to an old Romulan standing by himself. “Excuse me – and please forgive me if I am mistaken – but that is not a Romulan uniform you are wearing. is not one which I recognise. Is it, perhaps, a House uniform?”

"Yes, it is," Maiek bowed his head, which also gave him a moment to remember the meaning of Harrison's rank insignia, "Captain. The ducal colours of Cheleb-Khor." He was happy that they were not talking about anything political. His family served House and Clan of Tellus, which was now House and Clan of S'Terion, for centuries. But he never felt comfortable with politics. "And your uniform, rekkhai, is... uhm... dress uniform, ie?"

“It is,” Harrison replied. “I must admit I feel a lot less comfortable in it than you look in yours. It makes you look venerable. I rarely have need to wear mine and I always feel like a prize duck all trussed up and ready to be carved. But I am forgetting my manners.” He held out his hand. “I am Captain Nelson Harrison, commander of this base.”

The Romulan shook his hand. "Maiek tr'Sahen, Romulan Embassy's head of security and senior officer of the Ducal Guard of S'Terion. Nice to meet... excuse me!" He had spotted someone entering and immediately turned to the entrance and stood at attention.

Telhas, dressed in finest silky blue garments of Vulcan style, entered the room with two younger Romulan women following him in a few steps distance. He inclined his head almost unnoticably, but it was sufficient for Maiek to recognize. He gave the ambassador a nod and stood at ease again.

Approaching Ambassador Temple, Telhas smiled and extended his hand. "Your Excellency, I really like the decoration. Your team did a marvellous job."

Magnus recieved the Ambassador's hand and shook it gently, giving a bow as he did. "I am so glad you are pleased with our efforts, you honour us with your presence and compliments."

"If I may introduce my new staff," Telhas said and signaled the Romulan woman who wore her hair open and flowing over the shoulders of her green gown to close ranks. "This is Eviess t'Rrahlem, best of her class in laws, now my diplomatic attaché. Her grandfather is Judge Vernor tr'Rrahlem of the Tal Shiar Court, which is our supreme court."

Eviess extended her hand with a radiant smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Ambassador Temple. His Excellency is speaking of you in highest regards."

Magnus smiled warmly, "Viduus au paeti, Madame, what a remarkable student you must be."

"The other young lady," Now Telhas signalled the Romulan woman with typical military-style haircut wearing a grey suit to approach them as well, "Is my new aide, Helev t'Rehu, from my mother's House. She shows some potential and I want to support her development."

She looked a little shy and bowed her head. "Ambassador." Then she seemed to remember something and extended her hand with an excusing smile.

Temple smiled in return, appearing not to notice her hesitation, and giving her hand a gentle shake as well. "Welcome, Madame, you have a wise and experienced tutor here in Ambassador Telhas. I am sure you will achieve great things."

"I take it that you already know my head of security?" Telhas inquired.

Harrison took a step forward though he kept his gaze on tr'Sahen. “If you would allow me the honour....” he said.

Turning his head to face Temple, he said, “Ambassador, may I present Maiek tr'Sahen. He is a senior officer in the Ducal Guard of S'Terion. Indeed, I believe he is the senior officer. He is here as Head of Security for the Romulan Embassy.”

Magnus nodded to the Captain, before likewise shaking Maiek's hand. "Indeed, it is a pleasure to see you again. Thank you all for coming to this event, I am so grateful you could attend."

Maiek smiled. He really appreciated the diplomat's words. "Thank you, rekkhai, you honour me."

As Magnus made the rounds greeting the Romulan party, Volke was meanwhile quietly taking drinks orders.

“Just a pineapple juice if you have it, please.” Harrison replied. “Freshly squeezed, not replicated. If you do not have it, sparkling mineral water will do fine.”

The Vulcan nodded, "Of course, sir,"

Maiek looked a little bewildered. "And I always thought alcoholic beverages would be... how do you say... social standard for such an occasion, rekkhai?"

“I’m taking it easy for a while,” Harrison explained. He tugged at his uniform coat. “I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’m not sure why so I’m staying away from alcohol until I find out why. Unfortunately, synthahol does not really agree with me.”

Maiek nodded. "Ah, I understand." Turning his head to Volke he said "For me just water, please."

Telhas had noticed that Eviess had ordered wine and Helev had just followed her lead. He made a mental note what a natural leader Eviess was. Probably he could develop her into a valuable member of his team with almost no effort. Of course, this came at the expense that he might lose her to a better job offer within a few years.

"What would you recommend to drink, Ambassador Temple?" Telhas simply asked. Actually, he could make his own decision, but he wanted to give Temple a hint that he trusted him.

"Well, what kind of host would I be if I didn't supply our guest of honour's favorite beverage?" Magnus replied with a smile, giving Volke a nod.

The young officer had already concluded this would be Magnus' suggestion, it was only logical, so had already opened a bottle of Romulan Ale and filled a few glasses with the bright blue liquid.

"The real thing," Magnus added, handing a glass to Telhas, "DS12 has some very resourceful traders onboard."

"You are full of surprises," Telhas replied with an appreciative nod.

As Volke finished handing out the drinks, in his usually stoic fashion, Magnus cleared his throat and raised his glass to the assembled company.

"To new friends and new possibilities." He called out in a toast.

Telhas raised his glass. "To new friends and new possibilities."

Harrison joined in the toast then raised his own glass. “To co-operation,” he said.

Temple swallowed his drink and tried his hardest not to choke on the vibrant and strong beverage. He took a few moments to breath deeply through his nose before giving a smile to the Ambassador.

"So, how goes your settling in?" He asked nonchalantly, "If you need anything, now's a good time to ask with the Captain here."

"Mostly diplomatic support," Telhas replied smiling, "Although... excuse me for a minute." He walked to Harrison. "Captain, if I may interrupt. I have a question. I am not totally sure if this is a good idea, but it could be advantageous for my mobility to have a ship of my own. Not my personal warbird, as I prefer it to be in Romulan space, but perhaps a custom refit of an old type. Maybe a D'Kyr with modern refits. Captain, do you think that I could get a docking pylon permanently?"

“I will have to talk to Ops,” Harrison replied. “Traffic is steadily building up what with new businesses opening up on the Promenade and increased humanitarian convoys to Cardassia and the DMZ so I am not sure. Docking space is starting to fill up. Only yesterday, some traders were complaining about delays in being allowed to dock. Something about goods going off or other.... As for your own ship, that should not be a problem. You probably do not need to bring one all the way from Romulus. We have an...extensive...array of ships in our docking bays. Most are military but there are some transports and runabouts. I am sure we could fit one out to your specifications.”

"This is a generous offer, Captain. I will consider it. Thank you. Be assured that I will return the favour if I can do anything for you." Telhas bowed his head slightly.

While the Ambassador was talking to Harrison, Temple quietly moved over to Volke and whispered, "I think it's a good time to start bringing out the food."

Without a beat, Volke raised an eyebrow and replied, "I have a Masters Degree in Alien Language and Anthropology."

Temple smiled through gritted teeth and murmured quietly, "Get the food."

In a matter of moments, wait staff began to walk through the group with serving trays, each containing a collection of delicacies from both human and Romulan cultures. Magnus grabbed a small Osol twist and popped it quickly into his mouth, giving an approving nod at the sweet confection.


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