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Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 9:21am by Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

Michel was livid. Absolutely livid. He swore loudly in French and English as he stalked his way back towards the Construction Office of his renovation team.

"Never have I..." He muttered. "....What a disgraceful beast!.... How dare she!....."

He was of course still angry over his altercation with the Klingon Ambassador Matlh, though he more spat her name than thought it. He'd come across some adversaries before - namely his own family - but she was unrepentantly aggressive and he still couldn't quite believe it had even happened.

"The brut!" He hissed. "...Should be thrown off this station!"

Michel didn't take confrontation lightly, nor did he liked to be humiliated. He had no doubt that the Klingon had intended to embarrass and harass him, over something he had absolutely no power to change. He was fuming, his cheeks puffed with rage, eyes like daggers to anyone who dared walked in front of him, hands balled into tight fists. He didn't so much as enter the Office, as plowed his way into it.

"No Klingons will be allowed on the Boulevard!" He proclaimed loudly to the team of workers. "They will not be welcomed!"

His intern, whom Michel had simply called Number One because he wasn't bothered to learn her name, quickly approached.

"Sir, we heard what happened." She began, stammering. "It was..."

"Outrageous!" Michel interjected, throwing his PADD into her hands.

She quickly grabbed it and guided him over to his beloved swivel chair, carefully seating him into it. Michel sat with a glum frown, arms folded across his chest. Number One gave the chair a little push so it would begin to turn around. Michel spun in the chair gently, but when he came back to face Number One his expression was no less enthused.

This was a problem too big for even the swivel chair.

"Now sir," She began gently, "We cannot start banning people from the boulevard before it's even built. We want to attract business, not turn it away."

"Of course I know that," Michel replied, lips pouting out further. "But maybe banning the Klingons will attract more respectable, civilised clientele?"

"Perhaps." Number One responded slowly, though she didn't believe it, "We can run some marketing surveys and a discussion forum if you'd like?"

Michel usually loved a discussion forum, as it gave him the chance to get up and talk in front of people. But even this didn't bring a smile to his churlish face.

Number One had to bring out the big guns. She started to turn the chair again, this time to the back of the room.

"You're going to make my dizzy." Michel growled.

"But look!" She exclaimed as he turned around.

The construction crew were finally finished assembling his black, wrought iron staircase, the authentic Parisian entryway up to the Boulevard. Michel raised his eyebrows as he moved towards it, starting to look a lot better. The foreman Cole Ankerman put the final welding in place and stood back proudly.

"All finished," He nodded to Michel.

"Oh it's beautiful." Michel marvelled, gliding his hand over the iron bannister. He took the first step onto the staircase and a glimmer of a smile threatened to break his sullen mood.

"We had a hard time reinforcing the supporting wall," Ackerman replied behind him. "But it will now be safe for the proposed traffic going up and down it."

Michel nodded, and turned to give him an enthusiastic handshake. "Oh merci! Merci beaucoup all of you! Thank you for working so hard to get this installed. It's a real piece of Parisian architecture and the focal point of our entry way up to the Boulevard. People will love it!"

He began applauding, his face now firmly smiling. Number One, the foreman Ackerman, and the rest of the crew started clapping too. They were happy to have this first piece of construction completed too, but mostly just wanted to please the boss.

"Mr. Gerard, there's more good news!" Came a voice from above.

Michel looked up the staircase to see his other intern, Number Two standing atop it. He motioned for Michel to come upstairs. "You have to come see it."

Gerard grabbed Number One's hand and they both started walking up the slightly circled stairs, their footsteps hitting nicely on the wrought iron. Number Two waited patiently for Gerard to ascend, still smiling himself.

Once onto the second level, Michel could immediately see what the good news had been. The construction crews had managed to dismantle all of the old Cardassian interior on the floor. Once there had been oppressive, dark archways and militaristic architecture all around them. Now it was a completely blank canvas, just the empty shell in which Michel's Parisian boulevard would be built. It had been hard to see how all his flourishes and ideas would actually look before, but now he could envisage his grand idea in the bare space.

Michel nodded silently, looking around in amazement. "Again, I am moved by all your hard work. The progress you have achieved already is amazing. We are well on our way to building Rue Francias!"

Again the workers and interns clapped, Michel forgetting all about his altercation with the Klingon. He was refocused on the project once more and was not about to let anyone get in his way.



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