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Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 4:42am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: A war room on Dozaria

The room was dark, lit only by a series of computer screens on opposite walls and a large computerised map which filled the wall at the end of the room. A table ran the length of the room with chairs along both long sides and a single one beneath the map. All the chairs on each side were occupied but the single one was empty.

The map showed detail of an area of Cardassian space near the planet Keltis.

Animated discussion filled the air. It had the tenor of something unresolved. Those present frequently referred to data pads in front of them or to the screens behind them.

A door slid open, drawing everyone’s attention. As one, those present rose to attention.

The new arrival waved for them all to sit. “What new information do we have?”

The map zoomed in to show a tiny moon around a planet. “This is one of our listening stations along the Cardassian border. Yesterday, our time, it was attacked. The station has been wiped out and all hands lost.”

“I see. Do we know who did it?”

“The Order of Twelve has claimed responsibility.”

“The Order of Twelve.... I thought they were nowhere near our space.”

“They were not. All Intelligence reports indicated they were operating in the corridor between the Cardassian Union and Romulan space.”

The Intelligence chief chimed in: "There are scattered rumors of an organisation called the Order of 12 running questionable to criminal actions in the sector. This is a recent development and we have yet to find anything conclusive but it is a focal point of interest so far."

“Is this linked to the attack on Gaspar in the Demilitarized Zone between Cardassia and the Federation?”

“We do not believe so. Sources within the Federation indicate no-one has claimed responsibility for that attack yet.”

With a shake of the head, an Intel operative stated, "No claims to date. We're keeping a close eye out for anything like that however.

The Breen CO stated: "We need to find out who did this, for sure. Anyone who attacks the Breen must come to regret it lest we look weak."

The operative steepled his fingers. At not much above freezing point it was feeling decidedly warm in the room. “We need to find our more and we won’t do it sitting here. I suggest we request information from the Federation.”

The chief looked around at those assembled. No-one showed any inclination to approve the suggestion but, then again, no-one raised any objections. Typical, she thought, none of them will take responsibility for such a course of action. Watch them all clamour to claim credit if it pans out though.

“It is agreed then. We will approach the Federation.”

For maybe the first time in their history, the Breen were not going to war.


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