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Cortical node

Posted on Wed Aug 19th, 2009 @ 5:01am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

Thalal too was in the Jeffries tube system. Unlike Jrez, her sense of direction did not abandon her. Growing up on Andor, she habitually travelled from place to place through the planet's vast underground network of tunnels. She’d quickly learnt to find her way around with no landmarks to navigate by. Training for the Andorian Imperial Guard built on that innate ability. Starfleet Academy took that and refined it. Successive postings polished her skills.
Back on Explorer, she conducted exercises where she and her fellow security officers crawled around the ship's Jeffries tube network until they could find their way in any circumstances – alone, in the dark, after becoming disoriented.
Now she moved quickly and easily up to Ops where she emerged dirty and dishevelled, her hair an untidy mess. She made an attempt to dust herself off but she knew it was futile. Anyway, it wasted time.
Spotting Lieutenant Commander Mason she went straight to her. “Under SCPO Jrez's direction, the temperature and humidity controls have been reset, M'am,” she reported. “We killed four Borg in environmental the control room. We tried to take out a group of drones working on other systems nearby. We killed three but two adapted. We split up. I worked my way up here through the Jeffries tubes. SCPO Jrez, PO Vartog and PO Endrijure are still....”
As she spoke, Endrijure came tumbling out of the tube Thalal had so recently exited. “Have I missed anything?” s/he asked.
“SCPO Jrez and PO Vartog are still down there,” she amended.
She caught something on the edge of her hearing. Someone was discussing how to get hold of a central plexus. That would require capturing a Borg vessel -a notion that seemed strange to her, given their current predicament.
“I know where to find a cortical node, if that would help,” she said, turning in the direction of the discussion. “We left seven dead Borg back there. It'll mean going back through the Jeffries tubes but I found my way up here without difficulty; I can find my way down again and come out just where I need to be. I'd be a poor Security officer if I couldn't. I will need someone to come with me though to actually extract the node.”
And while I'm down there, I'll keep an eye and an ear out for Akina.


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