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Posted on Fri Mar 10th, 2017 @ 2:46pm by Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Crew Quarters

On a LCARS screen in his quarters, Magnus Temple watched the inauguration ceremony of the new President with great interest. Everyone was dressed in their finest suits, dresses, and ceremonial uniforms, as Temple himself unbuttoned his dress jacket after the Welcome Luncheon with Ambassador Telhas. Not nearly as important as the ceremony on Earth, of course, but he still made a similar effort.

He watched the news reports of President Bezar with great interest, having met the friendly and diplomatic Trill woman a number of times throughout his career. He wasn't at all surprised to see her elected as President of the Federation, knowing her to be discerning and incredibly wise.

Just as he finished undoing his bow-tie, the LCARS screen changed to an incoming message via subspace communications from Paris, Earth. With interest, Magnus accepted the call.

"Magnus!" Came the familiar voice of Commissioner Taylor, his mentor and current head of First Contact operations within Starfleet's Diplomatic Corp.

"Commissioner, sir, what a pleasant surprise," Magnus replied with a beaming smile. Taylor had been a constant source of encouragement and support during his career, and continued to be his guide throughout the diplomacy departments, both Starfleet and Federation.

"I've just come from a meeting with the new President's Chief of Staff," Taylor replied, a glint of glee in the older man's eyes. "A very interesting meeting indeed."

Magnus nodded, realising this is why the elder statesman was calling him from Paris.

"I hope fortuitous for you then, sir," Magnus said, giving a knowing look. "The new Prez would be lucky to have you on her team."

"Well of course!" Commissioner Taylor replied with a haughty laugh, "We discussed at great length the Secretary of the Exterior position, a coveted role in any administration."

Again, Magnus nodded, listening to his mentor's words. "A role you are immeasurably qualified to hold."

Taylor laughed again but shook his head. "A role for a younger person, I think."

Hearing this, Magnus sat down in front of the screen, a disappointed frown on his face. "Don't tell me they passed you over, sir? What are these people thinking? If you need me to lobby for you sir, I will. I have plenty of friends in Paris who could make the new administration see sense."

"Magnus," He sighed with impatience, "I didn't go there to apply for the position myself. I went there to discuss your candidacy."

It took a few seconds for the words to sink in. Magnus was used to speaking other languages but this sentence still seemed completely foreign to him. It swirled around in his mind like a slow moving river, before finally coming clear.

Magnus stammered, "But I.....I... I'm not a candidate, sir."

Taylor laughed, loudly this time, "Well you are now, my boy! And you better get those friends of yours to start lobbying for you too. I can't do all the work."

Magnus was still lost in the idea, "Me? Cabinet Secretary to the President of the Federation?"

"Yes," Came the reply.

"Me?" Came the question again.

"Goodness gracious boy, you'd think someone was proposing to you." Taylor huffed. "The new administration wanted my recommendation and the only person I could possibly recommend was you, Magnus. You've worked in Federation government before, you know diplomacy and the Exterior like the back of your hand. This is your chance, so you best start acting like it."

Magnus leaned back in his chair, flabbergasted, "Thank you, sir, I owe you a debt of gratitude for the recommendation."

"It was my honour to do so," Taylor replied earnestly. "But if you are in my debt, you can repay it by serving the Federation with vigour and integrity, improve the auspices of the department of the Exterior, and see to it that Diplomacy becomes the Federation's most powerful weapon."

"Yes, sir," Magnus nodded enthusiastically, "I will absolutely do my best."

Taylor gave his usual wily grin, "Well you haven't got the job yet, my boy. If I were you, I'd lean on your contacts in the Federation offices and get your behind back to Earth pronto."

"Aye," Temple replied, looking at the quarters around him and realising how much it would take to suddenly leave DS12. "I will start."

"And Magnus?" The Commissioner asked, "You know you'll have to speak to your mother."

At this thought, Magnus' excitement quickly faded. He knew no one could campaign like his mother, no one would tirelessly lobby every member of the new Administration like his mother. But much like a star gone supernova, some forces of nature were impossible to stop once they had begun.

Finally, he replied, "I will, sir."

"Good luck, Magnus," Taylor smiled once more, "I hope to see you in Paris soon."

"Yes, sir," Temple could only reply, "And thank you, sir. Just... thank you."

With the call ended, Magnus slumped in his chair again and considered the possibility that he could actually gain a Cabinet position within the Federation. Immediately he jumped up and did an enthusiastic dance - arms flailed, legs kicked, the air was punched repeatedly, and there may have even been a 'Woo hoo' at the end.

Finished with his display of outright jubilation, he sat back down and sighed. Now there was work to be done.



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