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An Old Friend

Posted on Sat Jun 10th, 2017 @ 4:15am by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade/Bajoran Temple

Telhas felt as if someone observed him. But there was more to it. He felt a presence. Some kind of consciousness he did not sense for along time. He was not sure who it was, and he was not willing to drop his mind shield and allow his own consciousness to show up for any telepath around. When he spotted the Bajoran Temple, he entered it. He signalled the priest not to disturb him and went directly to the shrine. He looked at it for a while as if he was meditating.

"I know you are religious, but I never thought that gods other than the ancient Vulcan ones had a place in your heart."

Now Telhas knew who it was. "Korak," he said without turning around, "What a surprise to find you here. Did the Tal Shiar send you?"

"No, I am here for private business."

Telhas waited and still did not turn. He noticed that Korak made a step forward so he stood just left to him.

"The last time we talked I asked you to join the Tal Shiar again and return as my second-in-command," Korak whispered, "And you told me that the Tal Shiar is seeking more power. That we do not protect our Empire, but are looking for an opportunity to seize power."

"We did not agree, but I appreciated your offer," Telhas replied.

"Yes, and you refused." Korak took a deep breathe. "My friend, you were right."

Telhas looked at Korak for a moment, trying to read his former mentor's mind to find any sign for treason. He found none. "Tell me more."

"My sister joined the Reunification Movement. She opposes the Tal Shiar. She is in danger."

"She is as good as dead, my friend," Telhas stated.

"Telhas," Korak now whispered directly into his ear, "I hope that you can help her. I know that you liked her. Please help me."

'What is your plan?' Telhas sent his message directly into Korak's mind. 'Only think your answer, add me to your thought, and I will be able to read it.'

'You really overcame the limitation of touching. You probably imagine... or read now... how much I would like to know how to do this,' Korak thought. His curiosity almost took control of him, but he could focus on the plan to save his sister. 'She hides in a border world, near the Neutral Zone. All I need is someone to pick her up and bring her outside Romulan space. You own a warbird. This would be perfect.'

'No. The Tal Shiar would expect just this. However, I may have an idea. Where can I find her, and how does she know she can trust me?' Telhas asked telepathically.

'You will find her in the city of Vel'kora, in the Artax system, not far from the Chernon system,' Korak thought, 'And you remember her face, don't you? She knows she can trust you when she sees your face.'

'This plan is not really good. Anyone can look like me,' Telhas replied telepathically.

'But only you are a telepath.' Korak smiled as he thought this.

"You will owe me a very big favour, my old friend," Telhas said, "A very big one." Then he left the Bajoran Temple.


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