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We all need to help

Posted on Tue Jul 4th, 2017 @ 6:54am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Stella Moon & Cassius Lincoln & Deng Tan & Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

OOC: An unknown ship has been picked up on long range sensors. Stills (Ops) has identified extensive damage. The station has gone on alert for the possibility of casualties.
It becomes clear that the ship is in a bad way. Harrison decides to approach the businesses on the Promenade to help out with food, supplies and accommodation. He calls a meeting of the business owners.

Harrison waited for the chatter to dim a bit before he held up his hands.

"Friends, thank you all for coming at such short notice. I am aware I have dragged you from important obligations for this but it is important and time is, believe me, of the essence. You are probably aware by now that we have picked up a vessel on long-range scanners. You have possibly also heard that we were unable to identify it."

The noise from the floor suggested those comments were accurate.

"Let me first say that we have identified the ship as being of Federation registration. That is the good news. The bad news is that it has suffered extensive damage. Also, that damage appears to have been sustained some time ago but no effort has been made to repair it. That does not bode well. It might be that the ship has been abandoned though it is still powered up so we do not believe that to be the case. Of more concern at present is the thought that the crew have not carried out repairs because they are in no fit state to do so. We are currently working under the assumption that the latter is the case.

"If the crew is in need of urgent assistance and if the station cannot cope with their needs, I will need to call on your assistance. Therefore, I would like you all to consider what you can provide by way of food, clothing, accommodation or anything else which might be required."

The noise from the floor swelled up at Harrison like a wall of force but it was no more than he expected. Again he held up his hands for silence.

"Let me repeat," he said, talking over the top of the commotion. "We do not know if this emergency will come to pass. All I am asking at this point in time is for you to give thought to how you could contribute. With that clearly in mind, are there any questions?"

Michel Gerard had been sitting up front and remained relatively quiet during the meeting. At the Captain's invitation, he stood and cleared his throat, "The boulevard shops have been built but their interiors are not complete. However, we have lighting, restroom facilities, kitchens. Enough to help house and feed the survivors if necessary."

Tan stood up. "How will I be compensated for this help." The noodle shop owner looked towards the front. "I get cleaned out, but I still need to pay the rent. Good will doesn't keep me in business. "I give enough of that to my neighbor."

The Frenchman shrugged, "A mutual friend reminded me recently of the true purpose of the Federation and I'm happy to help. I think it is fantastique if could rescue these people."

“Thank you for your generosity, Monsieur Gerard, but Mister Tan raises a valid point. I will need you to keep all receipts, invoices...anything pertaining to the assistance you provide. As to less material things like the inconvenience of non-paying people making a convenience of your conveniences, I will try to reach an amicable settlement. To that end, I would like you all to elect a committee to liaise with station staff. Hopefully, we can deal with contentious issues as they arise and before they cause friction. I want the Promenade to continue to operate with as little disruption as possible – that is important both to yourselves and the station as a whole – but I would like it to be seen as helping those in distress. I believe that would produce a very favourable impression in our region and that can only benefit us all.”

It was Stella Moon who chimed in with her bit next. "My shop has very little in the way to offer Captain apart from soothing teas and crystal healing but I am willing to help anyway I can."

"As the largest proprietor in the Promenade," Michel began, attempting to remain humble as he said this, "I would certainly like to volunteer to be part of the committee. My renovations are being managed by a contractor, I have plenty of time to help organise our response."

“Thank you, Monsieur. I would like some of the smaller proprietors involved too; we do not want you to feel like you are being ignored. Mister Tan, you obviously have valid concerns. Would you like to participate?”

Cassius had been quietly taking it in as the others spoke. The things he donated to Gaspar were a good number of items he felt he could easily get rid of for one reason or another. While in truth he did donate important and good stock it was a bit easier and still relatively unimpactful. Like before, however, he detested the thought of not helping out.

He stood up and spoke, "I can safely offer assistance with food, Captain. A couple on my staff helped with start up therefor owning what amounts to smaller shares but I'm sure they'll agree."

The entrepreneur paused thoughtfully for a few heartbeats then said, "I also have a cousin who owes me a favor and has connections with some clothing producers. It might take one or two days to get what they offer but I will make the call if that will help."

“Thank you, Mister Lincoln,” Harrison replied. “Please make the call; any assistance is appreciated. And have them keep all relevant records, please.” He paused as he looked around at the assembled faces. “Anyone else?”

Tan folded his arms and looked at everyone. "I'll give you vouchers for the shop that you can give to them. I better go and start making noodles."


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