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Posted on Sun Jun 25th, 2017 @ 3:44am by Legate Vadrek & Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor & Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

OOC: A ship has been picked up on long range scanners. It is of Federation registration. It has suffered extensive damage, cause unknown.
As it gets closer, more information will become available, leading to heightened speculation. Weapons fire signatures will suggest multiple sources for the weapons which will throw suspicion on the pirates. However, there will be evidence of Breen weapons and the pirates are not known to use them. Also, some weapons are not those commonly known to be used by the pirates.
Is there a new player in the region?
Has one of the governments gone rogue and started trading outside treaty agreements?

If Harrison thought the meeting with the business owners on the Promenade had been difficult, he knew this meeting would be far harder. Here were men and women who were well used to the cut and thrust of diplomacy. They used words like weapons and those words could be just as deadly.

He started by giving them a run-down of what was known about the mysterious ship. It was not much. Then he opened the meeting up for discussion.

Legate Vadrek stood. "Captain, I would like to assure you that the Cardassian government is not trading in weapons. However, I am unable to give such an assurance about Cardassians. As you are aware, our society is splintered. There are many groups who would not baulk at financing their activities by selling weapons and would have no qualms about who they sold them to."

"So what you are going to tell us is that your government is not able to control your borders?" Telhas leant back in his seat. "Interesting. And bad to know. As for my people I can say that we are able to control our borders. Unfortunately, we are lacking control of the Tal Shiar. And using foreign technology to hide their actions is not that odd. Maybe I should investigate a little in this direction, although I doubt they would risk another war. What about Cardassian intelligence?"

“There is word, as yet unconfirmed, that the Breen are taking an active interest in Cardassian affairs,” Vadrek replied. He turned to look at Harrison. “With the Federation expanding its exploration of the Inconnu Expanse, the Breen feel under pressure. My sources say they fear being hemmed in between a newly aggressive Federation and the Cardassian Union. It is known that some Cardassian groups have been raiding Breen border colonies and the Breen have retaliated.”

Magnus shifted in his seat, "It would be unwise for the Breen to associate the Federation's scientific exploration of the Inconnu Expanse with the opportunistic raiding by the rogue Cardassians. It may prove beneficial to convey this to the Breen, lest the confusion spark another conflict between us."

T'ami was to Temple's left and leaned forward, "You know, I am cautious about blaming the Breen too quickly. What if we are only being lead to believe they were responsible?"

"And yet it is possible. The Breen are not as cold as their planet, and they may over-react." Telhas gave his words a second to settle before he continued. "However, I doubt their involvement. Attacking the Federation without a strong ally backing up their actions they would not act overly aggressive. I am pretty sure about this. Yet, Breen technology is rather unique and if I know one thing for sure it is that the Breen do not share this knowledge freely. What, of course, might be the case is that salvaged Breen technology from Dominion War battlefields may have been reverse engineered. This is something almost every skilled development engineer could do."

Harrison considered the comment. “If so – and if that technology fell into Ferengi hands – it is not long before it spreads throughout the quadrant. Thank you, Ambassador, I will convey your thoughts to Starfleet.”

"A unified response will be a significant show of force," Magnus added, "Our ability to place security and safety first within the region will only frustrate whoever it is that's behind all this. I will endeavour to make this a priority for the new President as well."

“So it’s official, Ambassador,” Harrison said warmly. “Congratulations. When do you take up the new post?”

Magnus beamed a little, "Next week, Captain. I am due to depart from Deep Space Twelve in two days. I have already prepped my team, they are more than ready to keep the Federation embassy running in my absence."

"Absolutely," T'ami responded quickly, "I am up to date on all diplomatic issues and will be managing the team until a replacement is appointed."

“Good, but I’d like to meet with you both when this is over. There are formalities to attend to and a few things I need to get sorted. For now though…. Does anyone have any further questions?”

A Secretary of the Federation government! Definitely Magnus Temple had become an even more valuable contact now. Besides the fact that Telhas valued Magnus not only as a colleague, but also as a person, this could make diplomacy more easy, at least as long as the Federation side was concerned. Now it was up to him to open the minds of his fellow senators. "No questions, but congratulations. Congratulations, Mister Temple. Be assured that whenever you need an open ear in the Romulan Senate, you have at least mine."

Magnus nodded respectfully, "Thank you, your Excellency, I will certainly take you up on that offer."

“On that positive note, then, I hereby declare this meeting to be closed,” Harrison said. “Thank you all for your attendance and your input.”


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