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Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant Commander T'Siryik

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Lieutenant Commander T’Siryik read the report again. The first time through she had only scanned it to see whether it needed her attention now or could wait until later. She quickly realised later would not do. The report concerned events occurring along the Cardassian/Breen frontier which, for T’Siryik, had an unsettlingly familiar ring to them. They took her mind back decades to a small group of Federation citizens who had thought to protect livelihoods and heritage which they deemed to be under threat. Those citizens had found no succour from the Federation which was meant to look after them. In fact, it had turned its back on them and branded them traitors when they took up arms to defend themselves.

That group became known as the Maquis. Its flame had risen and burned brightly, albeit all too briefly before the Jem Hadar wiped it out.

Being assigned to the USS Capricorn allowed T’Siryik a degree of latitude not available if she had been stationed solely on DS12. It meant she could move around the quadrant relatively freely while the Capricorn conducted its patrols. Thus she could maintain the network of contacts and agents she had built up over the course of many decades of public service; first to the Vulcan High Command then to Starfleet and the Federation itself. She could meet with them, work with them and learn from them. The report in front of her was the product of one such contact, one she had first met during the Dominion War whom she had assiduously cultivated ever since. That woman traded with the Breen and thus knew more about them than anyone else T’Siryik knew, including the so-called experts at Starfleet Headquarters. If she was concerned then T’Siryik was concerned.

Having read the report again and assessed its contents, the next question was what to do about it. There were people at Headquarters she trusted to act appropriately but that would mean an unavoidable delay while the bureaucratic gears turned. She could take this to Harrison but while she liked the man he was not the one for this. He was too ‘by the book’; unwilling to take risks. No, Bannister was the man to approach but Bannister was not here and she had no clue where he was. For once, her contacts were silent. She had been unable to pierce the inner circles of Lax Rendo’re’s organisation and those on the periphery had only heard rumours. Given the competent nature of Rendo’re’s propaganda machine, she treated all such rumours as worthless.
An 'alert' tone from her console broke her reverie. She patched through to Ops on DS12 to learn that an unknown vessel was approaching. She kept the link open, hoping that this was Bannister returning. She did not allow that hope to rise too high - such was not the Vulcan way - but she did allow it to warm her.


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