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Changing of the Guard

Posted on Sun Jul 9th, 2017 @ 11:26am by Major Jesse Temple & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

It was afternoon on the Promenade and the station was as usual buzzing with activity. Throughout the many shoppers, diners, and casual strollers, two people in particular were about to have a surprising reunion. In one direction, Magnus Temple was still looking for lunch after meeting with Ambassador Telhas. From the other direction, his cousin Jesse Temple was walking towards Ops having just arrived onboard - his appointment to DS12 completely unknown to Magnus at this time.

Finding the crowd of people particularly dense, Jesse and Magnus had both put their heads down and started to negotiate their way through the assembly of patrons from either side of the strip. As a result, the two Temples almost bumped into each other as they passed by, with Jesse's large frame making a last minute swerve to avoid the other man without looking at him properly.

"Sorry, bud," A distracted Jesse spoke as he passed with his heavy Southern drawl.

"Undskyld, ven," Magnus replied with his smooth Danish voice.

Both men stopped and looked to each other; a smile simultaneously gathering across their similar faces.



The cousins dropped their respective belongings and immediately wrapped up each other in a strong hug, and they exchanged almost identical pleasantries and questions.

"What are you doing here?" Magnus cried.

"Well fancy seeing y'all here!" Jesse said at the same time.

"I'm about to leave," Magnus answered.

"How long do you have?" Jesse asked at the same time.

Jesse had always been like a brother to Magnus, and despite their careers taking them in completely opposite directions, there remained a bond which could never be broken. Jesse only had a few family members in his life, and he held those he did have with higher regard than anything else this life could offer.

Finally managing to have a conversation in chronological order, Jesse explained his presence on the station.

"I've been reassigned to this region," He said formally, "To lead the Marine unit on Deep Space 12. It appears this little corner of the universe is becoming quite the hot spot of late and the brass needed a new MCO."

Magnus nodded, "Ja, makes sense, but I thought you already had a posting?"

"Merchants didn't quite have the discipline I require," Jesse replied with a mawkish grin, "And I guess the bosses agreed my services were required here."

Laughing, Magnus couldn't help but shake his head at the coincidence, "Bror, I wish we had more time together. I've got a shuttle back to Earth tomorrow."

"Oh right, Mr big shot Secretary now," Jesse teased, giving him a soft punch on the shoulder, "Off to run the Federation."

"Ja, ja, that's right." Magnus rolled his eyes, "You know I couldn't escape my political heritage for much longer."

Jesse gave a trademark bellowing laugh, "Supposin' your mother is pretty pleased to see you in the Federation government?"

Mention of his mother caused Magnus to sigh, knowing all too well that she would have been ecstatic that her child was pursuing a political career again. After a brief stint in Earth politics once before, and an incident on Marienborg that saw him rush back to Starfleet, Magnus had believed his life in that arena was finished. He had believed he would progress through the Starfleet Diplo Corp and become a Commissioner. Now he was returning to the world he once turned away from, and in a significantly more important position in the Federation. The irony was not lost on the Dane, and he knew his mother certainly wouldn't hesitate to remind him that he 'belonged' in politics after all.

"There might even be a parade," Magnus groaned with a smirk, "Truthfully though I haven't had the chance to talk to her yet."

"Ooh, I'm sure that won't cause any problems," the Marine remarked wryly. "It's best she hears it from you, at least before Nyx."

Magnus nodded, knowing his cousin was correct, "Ja, I know. And I'll tell her when I get back to Earth tomorrow. Though Nyx is actually off playing Captain on his own ship."

Of course a family reunion wouldn't be complete without mention of the elder Temple sibling; the one who had stuck to his career while Jesse and Magnus swayed and pursued other avenues. Nycolas, or Nyx as he was known, had managed to climb the Starfleet ranks and was rewarded with his own vessel. For Magnus, he was proud without being jealous. He had no Command ambitions of his own, and didn't think he had the discipline to captain a ship. For Jesse though, the dedicated Marine and disciplined officer, he had long wanted to sit in the command chair. Being passed over for promotion was particularly tough for him, and caused him to retreat from pursuing a higher career for some time - only now getting back on track again.

"No way!" Jesse cried, putting on a broad smile despite the pang of jealousy, "Guess I haven't been keeping up with the Temple family newsletter. How long has he been a Captain?"

Magnus replied, his pride clearly evident, "About a month, I think. The USS Pandora, he's off in the Inconnu Expanse."

"Well would you look at us," Jesse smiled, putting his arm across Magnus' shoulders, "We're all doing quite well for ourselves, the Temple clan. Following our dream careers, livin' large all over Starfleet."

"Not bad for a trio of boys who used to skip rocks across the bayous," Magnus agreed with a laugh, "Even if it means we don't talk as much as we used to."

The two cousin instinctively wrapped each other in a hug again, savouring this reuinion no matter how brief it was. As kids, the trio had hung out together on the bayous of New Orleans where Jesse lived. It was the younger Temple's favourite time of the year when Nyx and Magnus would come to visit on their holidays, and they would spend their summer days exploring the deep swamps, catching fish in the rivers, and getting up to no good down in the historic French Quarter. It was some of the best days of young Jesse's life and he often longed to go back to those peaceful, innocent days.

When Jesse and Magnus' grandfather passed, Jesse inherited his town house in New Orleans, and for a while after being passed for Command, he considered retiring from service and living a civilian life back in the big easy. It was that desire to recreate and re-live those summer days once more. But reality was Jesse was a Marine now - through and through - and the quiet life would never have satisfied him for too long. Much like Magnus, he had a calling that he couldn't ignore - a place where he 'belonged'.

After a few moments, the two Temples stood back again, as Jesse leaned over and picked up his rucksack from the Promenade ground.

"Come on, let's have a proper catch up?" he suggested. "You can tell me all about life on DS12."

Magnus smiled, "Thank you, Jess. I can certainly try, but I fear that may require more time than I have."

The two began to walk around the Promenade as Magnus made suggestions on where to get a drink. Jesse was looking around at the shops in amazement, pleased to be amongst such a developed and civil establishment again - a far cry from the dirty dive bar he was last found in. As he walked, the Marine's gaze peered up to the second level, seeing the construction crews working on building the Boulevard.

"Hey, what's going on up there,?" Jesse asked curiously, "Is someone building new shops?"

Magnus grimaced, remembering who exactly that 'someone' was, "Ja, well, there's something you'll need to know about that..."



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