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An End And A Beginning

Posted on Sun Jul 9th, 2017 @ 10:49am by Magnus Temple & Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade


It was clear to Telhas that nothing worked so well than personal contact. Just now he needed the support of a Secretary to the Federation President, and he had the unique chance to talk with Magnus in person just before he would leave for Earth. As soon as he spotted him on the promenade, he closed the distance so he could talk. "Mister Secretary, do you have a moment?"

Having just left the Captain's office and parted company with T'ami to grab some lunch, Magnus wasn't expecting any company. So when the Ambassador appeared and referred to him with the new title, Magnus looked around in confusion, "Who? Oh right that's me." He let out a joyful laugh, "Of course, Ambassador, I'm so glad we have the chance to talk before I left. What can I do for you?"

"This is rather personal, but I need your help," Telhas said with a low voice, "The thing is... I have been approached by an old friend of mine. His sister, a person I like a lot, is in the Reunification Movement. Her cover is broken. I do not need to tell you what this means, do I?"

Magnus leaned in, matching the lowered tone, "Oh no! Have you been able to make contact? Where abouts was she discovered?"

"She has been able to flee the Tal Shiar and now she is hiding in a border world, but still within the Romulan Empire," Telhas replied, "But I will get her out. Personally. And not official. As you know, I have been an intelligence officer before. No reason to worry about this. The real problem is what happens once we are back in Federation space."

"As long as you're safe," Magnus replied after a hesitation, realizing what the Ambassador was suggesting. He had to be mindful not to compromise his own position while still helping someone in need.

Magnus cleared his throat and chose his words carefully, "If I were in your position, I might suggest your friend applies for political asylum. It's the strongest coverage the Federation could offer. But your friend would have to be physically on the station first, as it would put the matter in Captain Harrison's hands, as opposed to some patrol captain that doesn't know you. And it grants him jurisdiction to decide, instead of risking her ending up with Fed Security."

Telhas nodded appreciatively. "Thank you. Then I should also talk with Captain Harrison. Most probably this will bring us into trouble, as the Tal Shiar will not take this easy. Unless we can avoid publicity. And I need to get rid of my Tal Shiar attaché." For a second, he thought about several 'accidents' that could happen. But, of course, this would not help much as they would simply send a replacement. "I think that I can call in a favour or two to solve at least this part. So... maybe it would also help if you would state some interest into the matter? Just to Captain Harrison? I have a feeling that I need some support."

Magnus nodded, "Yes, definitely. Let him know of the situation to gauge his feelings first. I can certainly add in my recommendations to the Captain, and pass this on to my replacement. Unfortunately it won't be my Assistant, T'ami, taking over as Chief Diplomat, they're bringing in someone new. I've never worked with her before but my new role will carry a little more weight, so I might hold off making a recommendation until I'm in office."

"Well, then I am probably in your debt," Telhas said with a smirk, "But the question is how do we continue once I have extracted my friend from the Star Empire?"

"If it comes down to a hearing," Magnus continued, "The Federation may require someone independant to advocate on behalf of granting asylum. This would mean detailing the harm and possible persecution your friend would endure if returned to the Tal Shiar."

He shifted uncomfortably, "You may need to remain politically neutral in this regard if it means being indirectly critical of the Romulan Empire's internal security. I'd recommend finding someone to advocate on your behalf so that you may hold the public position of this being an internal matter for the Empire. That's what would be expected of you, at least, and may help to maintain your cover and conceal your personal involvement." He shrugged, "But that's just a hypothetical suggestion."

"Yes, playing with the Tal Shiar is a dangerous game, and one that can ruin careers forever," Telhas acknowledged, "Although my Senatorial seat is inherited and they cannot take it away without breaking laws. But, of course, my reputation would be ruined. Yet, I am confident that I can get a good lawyer on Vulcan. Their logic is typically flawless. And I can conceal my involvement."

"That would be wise," Magnus nodded, "And not just for your reputation, but so you may continue to fight the good fight. It's important to have people of your stature and integrity maintain your position so you can continue to be effective. Which is also why I hope you will absolutely take care while on your... journey, Your Excellency."

Telhas nodded. "If I would be as good a diplomat as I have been an agent, I would be happy. So do not worry, my friend, I will succeed with my journey and return safe."

Giving a relieved smile, Magnus replied, "I am undoubting of your formidable abilities. Though, please send me a message when you are back on DS12."

"Thank you so much for your help, and your advice," Telhas said and extended his hand, "May your success continue and help to build a brighter future for all civilizations."

Magnus took the extended hand and wrapped both of his own around the Ambassador's, "And all the best to you, too. Jolan'tru, my friend."



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