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Bad news

Posted on Mon Jun 26th, 2017 @ 1:09pm by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Harrison's office

Both Magnus Temple and Ensign Lo’Wen looked well content with life as they entered Harrison’s office. That just made what Harrison had to say all the more difficult. “Please, be seated,” he said. “Ensign, I have some awkward news for you.”

Magnus gave T'ami a small smile as the two sat down and the Dane gave her hand a quick squeeze. The two had discussed the possibilities of what would happen to Federation Embassy operations after Magnus had left, and it appeared they were in for some bad news.

"I'm already losing my best friend, Captain," T'ami remarked with a sardonic laugh, flicking her long mane of hair behind her back. "What else could there be?"

“I did not want to raise this at the meeting as I thought it might cause some embarrassment. You will not be moving into the Acting Chief Diplomatic Officer position.” There, it had been for the fallout.

T'ami just nodded, "I had wondered what would happen, sir. I know it would have been a big leap to have an Ensign in charge of the Embassy. I still have some way to go before the Diplomatic Corp would allow me to head the Department."

Magnus stirred restlessly. He knew how these things worked but he was still disappointed for his friend nonetheless. "T'ami may only be an Ensign but she is more than capable of leading the Department," he spoke with a dry tone.

“This was not my decision. I would have been happy for you to fill the position until a replacement was assigned. As it is, the Federation bureaucracy has moved unusually swiftly. Asarah zh’Zakira will be arriving shortly to take up the post.”

"Oh," T'ami let out a relieved laugh, "It's because you have a replacement. Well that's a little better, knowing it's because there's already a CDO coming."

"Zakira?" Magnus frowned, "I don't think I've come across that name before. Is she from this region?"

“I know little about her. I have requested her file but information is scant at this stage. I believe she is a career diplomat but that is about it.”

Magnus smiled, "Well, aren't we all. Any idea when she will arrive? Do you think we'll get a chance to cross paths?"

“I am told to expect her any day now but I have no details. I hope you get to meet her as you bringing her up to speed would be a lot better to me having to do so.”

"I will prepare the office for her arrival," T'ami added. "Do you think she will bring in her own team or will the existing staff stay on?"

“I am sorry, Ensign, but I refer you to my previous answer. All I know is she will be arriving. Further to that….”

Magnus reached out his hand to the Captain, "Well, I want to thank you for your time and for your support during my tenure. I leave here with confidence that the Federation embassy has made some significant strides in the region, and that we have been able to help the station as much as possible. I hope Diplomacy can continue to build from here and resolve our more pressing issues."

Harrison accepted the offered hand. “You do yourself a disservice with the use of the plural pronoun, unless you mean yourself and Ensign Lo’Wen,” he said.

"Just remember," Magnus smiled, "You've got a friend in the Palais now."

Harrison smiled. “You might come to regret that offer, Ambassador.”

T'ami and Magnus rose together, giving a fond farewell to the Captain, the Dane giving Harrison one last strong handshake as he left. He knew that they had never been close friends during his time on DS12 but he was going to miss Harrison nonetheless. Once out in the corridor, Magnus placed a friendly arm around his friend as they walked away.

"Hey, you know if you ever wanted to, you could always join me in Paris," he suggested lightly.

"Paris?" T'ami balked with a snort. "You might like that cushy lifestyle but I'm here to serve Starfleet, not sit around stuffing my face with croissants and cakes."

The two laughed loudly as they exited Ops and headed back to the Federation Embassy for possibly the last time.



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