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Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 2:02am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Civilian Asarah Zh'Zakira

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Harrison's office

It was always nice to have new personnel arriving at the station but Harrison liked to know something about them before he met them. It made it so much easier to establish a good working relationship. That was not the case here: Asarah zh’Zikara was an unknown quality.

True, she had a service record which he had perused but that told him nothing about the person. He sighed in exasperation.

When the chime came at his office door he schooled his face to a mask of cordial efficiency. “Enter.”

The doors opened with their predictable hiss and closed behind the young woman who entered the office of the Commanding Officer of DS12.

She was tall and willowy and there was an air of elegance about her walk that she carried well. Her father had made sure that she knew everything there was to know about what the human's called etiquette: the basic knowledge of good manners and politeness.

Think about other people's feelings first because it's still not all about you, her father told her during a heated argument some months before.

She wore a deep red dress that ended just below the knee. It accentuated her curves in the right places. The narrow sleeves came down to her wrists and the dress was finished with a narrow belt and matching shoes.

Asarah wore her hair long and it fell in waves around her shoulders. Around her neck she wore a necklace given to her by her mother, a family heirloom passed down from mother to daughter through her family.

"Captain Harrison."

Harrison looked up. So this is our new ambassador. he thought. Let us see if we can not find out a bit more than the paucity that is her personnel file.

“Ambassador zh’Zikara,” he said as he rose. He held his hand out in greeting.

She had learned all about the age-old Earth custom of shaking hands in greeting. It didn't really appeal to her very much. Again she was taught how to do this by her father.

"Your handshake is far to weak." he would tell her.

Asarah reached out and shook Captain Harrison's hand resisting the strong urge to pull back.

“Please have a seat. Refreshments?”

"I would like a weak tea please, black with a slice of lemon." It was not normally a drink she would have but she had developed a taste for it.

“Do you have a preference?” he asked politely. “I am partial to darjeeling though I know many people prefer a good, robust assam. Then again, if I need to concentrate, or paper work keeps me up late, I’ll go for lapsang souchong. Then again, if you want a weak tea then that last would be out,” he added quickly.

"Darjeeling will be just fine Captain, black with a slice of lemon please."

“Now, Zha zh’Zikara…. I gather that is the polite form of address, Zha.

"Yes, Captain it is."

“Zha zh’Zikara, forgive me but I find myself at somewhat of a loss. Given that you are a Federation ambassador, I presume that you have had a long career with the Federation. Yet I can find very little out about you. Why is that?”

Asarah's antennae flickered slightly in response to his question. This had happened once before when she had taken up a new post and her profile had 'gotten mislaid' along the way. She could understand it once, but twice?

"My bio should be all there Captain, I can only apologise if it's not. It could have got mislaid. It's happened before."
Asarah replied as she sipped her tea.

“Then I will put in a formal request for it. Possibly someone hit the wrong key and filed it under Deep Space 14 or something like that. In the meantime, please tell me something of yourself. This is not an interview for the position and I do not need details. But I do like to know who I am working with; I find it makes for much smoother relations.”

Asarah smiled and sipped her tea once more, if a little nervously this time. She hated talking about herself and would much rather get on with the job than sit and make pleasantries on the way she was brought up. How much should Asarah tell him she wondered.

"I had what you might call a privileged upbringing. My parents are also Ambassadors. It was expected that I should follow them into the same line of work and so I was trained from a very early age in what to do and what to say when the occasion presented itself."

She hoped she didn't sound to sharp about the whole Ambassador career line she was brought up in. It had it's perks but she would swap it any day to be the artist she had always longed to be.

She smiled. "But I enjoy meeting people and helping them any way I can. There is a great satisfaction in the work I do and I'm dedicated to it."

“You will have plenty of opportunities to indulge the former here on Deep Space 12,” Harrison replied. “Our efforts to attract businesses to the station – and the custom to support them – has proven successful, so far. Indeed, I have high hopes for the new facilities going in on the upper level of the Promenade. It could be just the thing we need to establish ourselves as an important cultural and economic hub in this region of space; not merely as a Starfleet outpost. As to the latter, I hope your dedication will not be put to the test any time soon. Deep Space 12 is still, at its heart, Starfleet. This region is beset by problems ranging from a still devastated Cardassian Union with all the concomitant problems that brings to a major pirate menace. Unfortunately, though perhaps understandably, one feeds off the other. You will have your work cut out for you Zha zh’Zikara and I wish you well. If ever I can be of assistance, please let me know.”


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