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Posted on Wed Aug 16th, 2017 @ 4:51am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Lieutenant Lily Barker & Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Ops

Harrison’s fingers drummed a console impatiently. “How are we coming with that transmission, Lieutenant?” he asked of Barker.

Lily continued to fix the signal. After many adjustments she said: "I have it, sir". She played the transmission; when she heard the message, she gasped. "Captain, it's the Rio Grande from what the message says. It looks like there are 2 lifesigns onboard," Lily said.

Harrison echoed the Chief Strategic Officer’s gasp. “The Rio Grande? Are you sure? That ship disappeared over a year ago.” It was a stupid question, he knew that. Baker would not say so if she wasn’t sure. Even so…. “Keep working on it, Lieutenant. Hopefully there’s more than two lifesigns aboard but they are masked somehow. I will be in my office. I need to inform Starfleet of this development. Keep me informed.”

He turned to go then turned back again. “Can you make anything out about the ship itself, Mister Stills?”

Harrison was about to return to his office but something was tugging at his mind. “That can’t be right,” he said, turning quickly. “The Rio Grande was a Defiant class ship operating out of Deep Space 9. As far as I am aware, it has been in mothballs for years.” He leant over Barker’s shoulder to check the readings on her console. It certainly looked like the Rio Grande. “Very well, Lieutenant Bak…. Lieutenant Barker,” he corrected rapidly. “My apologies, Lieutenant, I should know your name by now.”

He crossed to Still’s console and looked at the scanner results there. They gave much more detail but the primary result was much the same.

"Looks like a Federation design," Stills said, "but it seems to be cobbled together with parts scavenged from other ships. Hard to make out which parts are from where, Sir."

“I agree. Lieutenant Barker, it indeed appears to be the Rio Grande but if the wider results of the scans on Lieutenant Stills’ console are correct, that ship out there is definitely not a Defiant. And that means we have a major problem. Either someone has managed to replicate Starfleet transponders – and they are doing a very good job of it if they have managed to fool both of you – or someone is stealing ship parts from under our very noses. Either way, we need to investigate and we need to do so now. Lieutenant Stills, sound yellow alert. Lieutenant Barker, keep trying to get that message cleaned up.”

Lieutenant Barker kept working on the signal. "Aye, Captain."


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