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A Complicated Case

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 10:05am by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor & Captain Nelson Harrison

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Commanding Officer's Office

After his talk with now Secretary Magnus Temple, Telhas had scheduled a meeting with Captain Harrison. Although he did not state the reason for the meeting when he scheduled it, the Romulan Ambassador had made it clear that it was a matter of urgency.

Harrison was just returning to his desk; having ushered Zha zh’Zikara, the new Federation ambassador on the station, across Ops.

"Captain, thank you that you found time for me so quickly. I hope that I do not interfere too much with your duties," Telhas said, smiling politely and extending his hand.

Harrison took the offered hand and grasped it warmly. “One of my primary duties is to liaise with the diplomatic corps on the station,” Harrison assured Telhas. “You are lucky, Ambassador; my meeting with Zha zh’Zikara did not take as long as anticipated so I have some free time. How can I be of assistance; I gather that this is not a social call.”

"Unfortunately not," Telhas replied, "The reason why I am here is, well, somewhat personal, but also political. I am asking you for assistance in an urgent case. A friend's life is in danger, and I need to get her into safety. The problem is that official channels are not available."

Harrison gave Telhas a quizzical look; one which suggested he had better explain himself...and fast.

"Maybe I should start with how I have been involved. An old friend asked me for help. His sister, whom I know and like as well, is a member of the Reunification Movement. Well, we all may think about this movement whatever we want," Telhas shrugged, "But the Tal Shiar considers it high treason. Now the problem is that my friend's sister's cover is broken and she is hunted by the Shiar's agents. Currently she is still within the borders of the Romulan Empire, but I am going to get her out; secretly, and without any official appearance. However, once I got her out, I will need someone who can grant her asylum. Here, on this station. I guess you know what this means?"

“First,” Harrison said carefully, “ let me advise you, Ambassador, that I can not grant her asylum. Such is not within my power. I could provide her with protection until a decision is made. After all, she would merely be just another Romulan visiting the station. However, I do not know how long it would take to reach a decision on her status though I doubt the process would be quick. The Unification Movement is, as you say, considered treasonous. The Federation is loathe to upset relations with your government by being seen to give succour to it. It might well be that I would be forced to release her to the Romulan authorities before the Federation reached a decision. Equally, the Federation might choose to sit on its hands, avoiding doing anything until your government took the matter out of its control.”

"The Tal Shiar is not our legal government," Telhas stated with a strictness most would not have expected of the diplomat. He took a breathe and continued "However, I understand that other authorities are responsible, but time is crucial. We cannot wait for much longer. I cannot allow her to fall into the hands of the Tal Shiar. And we both know that there will be no fair trial, or even no trial at all for her."

“What you are asking is against any number of Federation laws and Starfleet regulations. If I am to assist in this, I will need to know more about your ‘friend’ and your friend’s ‘sister’. Let us start with her position within the Movement. I gather she is highly placed or we would not be holding this conversation; the Tal Shiar would likely have already grabbed her and she would have disappeared. My guess is she has already been sent into hiding somewhere within the Empire.”

"I do not know much about her position in the Movement, as I did not ask," Telhas replied. Now as the question came up, he cursed himself for not asking this when Korak had contacted him. "But I guess that with her past she could probably be a sector leader. And yes, she is in hiding already."

And now there was the thing with knowing more. It took Telhas a moment before he decided what he could tell. "Captain, as you know I have been in the Tal Shiar myself. Long ago, at the beginning of my career. Before I learned that the were assuming power over the Senate. Anyway, I have been in an elite unit of the agency, one which is top secret even for Tal Shiar standards. My friend was, and still is, the commanding officer of this unit. I have been his executive officer and his sister served as junior officer in the same unit. We became a trio of good friends, but then V'iina was the first to leave the unit. She told me clearly that this unit served the only purpose to find ways of controlling the senators. I did not believe her, but I decided to let her go as long as she kept the secret of this unit. Yet, her arguments were logical. I did some research myself, which finally let me return my commission as well. My friend did not believe me, but he also did nothing to keep me in the agency, as long as I would keep the secret of this unit."

Harrison nodded his understanding.

"Now it seems that V'iina had joined the Reunification Movement," Telhas continued, "Which was a horribly dangerous step. I mean, when I joined the ranks of the Tal Diann this had caused already severe tension with the Tal Shiar, but joining the Movement... It seems that she was able to hide this both from me and my friend. Well, not that difficult as we did not have much contact after she left the Shiar. And now we have this trouble. My friend cannot do much to help her as his unit is not a field unit. I can at least support her escape, but only in secret. This is a spy game, and whoever loses will be in trouble. I hope you understand my problem better now."

“There might be an alternative…. Starfleet has taken control of an old Romulan base in the corridor between your and Klingon space. It has been designated Deep Space 14 but it was previously called Ch'Areinnye, I believe. It is a Ch'Haven class station.”

"The hell fortress? This is one of the worst places I know they exist!" Telhas exclaimed, then he thought for a second, "But it may be a good choice. The border is not too well guarded there, as we need our ships closer to the Cardassians. And with all the refugees there it should be easy to hide. Tell me more, please."

“I am acquainted with its captain, Richard Sharpe. The station still has many unexplored areas; areas where a person could be hidden. Of course, I know nothing of this and nor would Sharpe. What you do with the information is entirely up to you.”

Telhas nodded. "We should still inform Captain Sharpe, but out of official channels. And I will also hire a Vulcan immigration lawyer for her asylum case. Well, Captain," he extended his hand, "I owe you a favour. And if the rescue is successful, I owe you a big favour. Be assured that Clan S'Terion remembers."


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