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Plan of Action

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 3:33am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Major Jesse Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Ops Center

Not one to spend much time settling in, Major Temple was dutifully back on the Ops Centre of DS12 a few hours after he first arrived. He was keen to get involved in the station's latest development, and had some particular ideas to provide to Captain Harrison and his team.

Arriving on deck, he gave his usual salute to the gathered officers and spoke, "Sir, I have some operational suggestions for the incoming mystery vessel."

Harrison turned to Baker and Stills. “Keep me informed of developments. My office please, Major.”

"Of course," Temple replied with a nod, giving a polite greeting to the station crew.

Once inside the Captain's ready room, the Major handed over a PADD to Harrison.

"I've been considering the state of affairs, sir," He began, arms behind his back, "Given we know so little about the ship, it's situation, and contents, I'm concerned from a security perspective that we may be faced with a Trojan horse."

“The thought had occurred to me, Major. Lieutenant Baker has reported that there are very few life signs on board. That seems strange to me. The ship is somewhat beaten up but it is flying normally. Either it is fully automated or there are more people there than it would appear.”

"Sounds like a potential clusterfu... problem. Well I have a suggestion just to be safe, sir," Jesse replied. "I will lead a team of four Starfighters to meet the ship a safe distance from the station. My squads will beam aboard and scan the ship, identify crew, and relay intel back to DS12. If it's all five by five, we can help guide the ship the rest of the way into dock."

“That sounds like a reasonable course of action. See to it.”

"Thank you sir, I will." Jesse nodded sharply, pleased to have received the green light. "I will need to run drills with the squads to ensure their boarding practices are top notch, but I should be ready to launch by 0600 station time."

Harrison nodded. “I suggest you do, Major. The marines you brought with you might notch...but the ones already stationed here have not seen much field duty lately other than the humanitarian mission to Gaspar. There were some fire fights and we lost one officer but other than that…. They could probably do with a refresher.”


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