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Cortical Node: Part Two

Posted on Sat Aug 22nd, 2009 @ 10:12pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Ops
Timeline: Between Thalal arriving in Ops and leaving to extract a node


Pari poked his head out of the Jeffries tube and looked carefully around.
“No hostiles,” he said, turning his head back round to those behind him. “Looks like we made it safely.”
He climbed out, stood to one side and waited while his charges followed him. As they left the tube, he counted them off. He was certain they were all there but he'd hate to have to answer to Jrez later if even one had gone missing.
Only when all were accounted for did he turn and survey his surroundings. Ops was a disaster area and the people working in it looked worse. No-one took any notice of them so he went in search of whoever was in command.
“Brig Officer Pari reporting,” he said a woman in command red and with the pips of a full captain on her collar.

"Crewman", Beverly looked the up and down, trying to remember if he was one of hers from Genesis or another one of the lucky few to survive the Borg invasion. "Report!"
The order came out a little bit more barked than she had intended, but it didn't seem to slow the crewman down in the slightest.
While he talked Beverly gently rubbed her temple's. The headache was worsening meaning her condition was faltering.

“I have thirteen of the Alamein's crew with me. CPO Jrez instructed myself and Crewman Venkath to escort them to a secure area. I'm also to inform you that he and Petty Officers Vartog, Endrijure and Thalal are trying to reset the environmental controls to render the base's climate unsuitable for the Borg. He thinks that will slow them down.”

"I suppose even small blessings would be welcome", a small chuckle escaped her lips. "Very well crewman. When Chief Jrez makes it to Ops please send him to see me". Nodding an unspoken order to stay alive she once again looked at the crewman. He was so young, they were all so young. The only ones that seemed to have any experience were herself, Harrison, Lorran, Mason and Lake. It was a concern, and she hoped that Chief Jrez would add another to that disturbingly short list. "Carry on crewman".

Pari led the Explorer's away. He'd gone perhaps ten paces when he heard a familiar voice.
“Nurse Vrell,” Thalal called, “you're with me.”
Pari nodded to Vrell who scuttled off to join Thalal.



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