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Asking A Favour

Posted on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 @ 9:24pm by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Klingon Embassy/Promenade

Now as he had a better plan after talking with Captain Harrison, all Telhas needed was a ship. One with a trustworthy crew, and with permission to operate inside and outside the Romulan Empire. He remembered his first meeting with Ambassador Matlh, where she stated that she owned such a ship. Now the only question was if she was willing to help him. There was only one way to find out. So Telhas had to visit the Klingon Embassy.

Approaching the guard, Telhas said "You, Guard, inform Ambassador Matlh that I, Telhas t'Cheleb-Khor thu'S'Terion, Duke of Cheleb-Khor, Count of Aba'kur, Lord of Clan S'Terion, Lord of House Tellus, ask with all due respect for some of the Ambassador's precious time. And please, tell her that I am not here in any official function as Ambassador of the Romulan Star Empire or as Senator of the Imperial Romulan Senate. I am here privately, and I would like to talk to her about a private matter, if this is possible."

The Klingon ran his eye over the Romulan with a glance that stopped short of offensive, but only just short of it. He nodded and moved inside.

A moment later the giant form of the Klingon Ambassador appeared.

"Telhas!" she boomed a little too loud. "I had thought you may have forgotten our lunch appointment. Shall we walk? I have a little time free still."

Telhas had been in the industry long enough to know that Haqtaj did not want to discuss "private" business in an Embassy that may be bugged. Walking reduced the chance of a casual observer overhearing anything significant, but it did mean their conversation would need to be less candid.

"How could I forget, Haqtaj?" he said smiling, without any sign of surprise, "I would never dare to disappoint a Klingon!"

Haqtaj strode confidently away from her Embassy, her voice dropping now to a normal register, "I trust you are keeping well, Telhas. Nothing keeping you awake at night with concern?"

"Sometimes yes, sometimes no," Telhas replied with a polite smile, "And you?"

"There is always something, isn't there," Haqtaj growled. "Sometimes we represent a people we do not agree with."

"Now, I have a question. When we met first, right here on the promenade," Telhas said, "You told me that you have trade rights with the Romulan Star Empire. This, and a ship."

"The IKC Fhew, my uncles ship, has standing trade rights afforded to her after she took a Tal Shiar operative as first officer nearly a decade ago. The officer has been recalled, but the rights were never revoked."

"Well, the thing is, I have a shipment with precious goods, and no ship available," Telhas stated with a low voice, "Maybe you can help?"

"A B'rel class ship does not have a large hold. How large a cargo would you want to move? And are we moving it into, or out of, Romulan Territory?"

Telhas thought for a moment how big a device should be that could cover a person similar to his size. "A crate, approximately your height, as a cube. Shipping out of Romulan territory. I would prefer to pick it up on the temporary capital, Rator III, and ship it to Deep Space 14. And before I forget this, a passenger may also be included."

They walked in silence for a while as Haqtaj considered.

"You wish for a non-Romulan ship to go to the Romulan Capital and collect a person sized package and, possibly an additional person, and bring them here to this station. But you want this done outside of official channels. That is quite a thing you are asking of me and my house, Telhas. What incentive can I give to my uncle that he should undertake this?"

"The gratitude of one of the most influential and oldest houses of the Romulan Star Empire," Telhas started, "A Founding House of the Senate, and of ancient royalty. Of course," he grinned, "You may use the phrase 'a favour' instead of 'gratitude'." He waited for a moment before he continued. "Of course, you cannot buy much from favours, although they are more valuable than anything else when it comes to politics. However, your uncle may want something less abstract. There would be something as simple as latinum. Say, enough to buy his own Vor'cha cruiser. And additionally enough to pay a proper crew for a Vor'cha for ten years. But you know your uncle better. I am open for suggestions."

Haqtaj grinned at the idea of trying to prize Ro' out of the FHew and into another ship, "You might be luckier buying the Honour of the Emperor. I have found that the favour of a Romulan in troubled times is a slippery currency, and one most likely to go bankrupt when it is at its highest asking price."

"I will pass your request on to my Uncle, and he will decide what is a fair price for his involvement, depending on the details of the cargo, etc. It is better if I am not informed. If he deems it worth the risk, he can accept or refuse the contract. Agreed?"

"Deal," Telhas replied, "And I owe you a favour."


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