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Travel Plans - Part I

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 10:06pm by Ambassador Telhas thu'S'Terion Duke of Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

After an eventful day Telhas returned to his personal quarters in the embassy to get some rest. But as he went closer to the entrance door to his quarters he felt a presence. Korak's presence. "Did you see anything unusual?" He asked the guard in front of his door.

"No, sir. Should I?" the guard, a young man of his House Guards replied.

"No, just a general question. Make sure that I will not be disturbed," Telhas said with a slight nod before he entered his quarters. There, the presence became stronger. "Korak, I know you are here. Come out."

Korak came out of the private library. "I am sorry that I had to intrude. And I am sorry for deleting your guard's memory. I hope I did not delete too much."

"At least he remembered me," Telhas said emotionless, "And why are you here? You know that it is pretty unusual to have a Tal Shiar colonel entering an ambassdor's private quarters. This could cause trouble for you. It could even cost your life."

"We don't have time for these considerations," Korak said, "As V'iina is in trouble."

Telhas looked a little puzzled. "Yes, you told me so. She is hiding in the city of Vel'kora, in the Artax system. I am going to get her out."

"Tal Shiar field agents are already there. They almost caught her. She has to flee the planet," Korak explained, "And I suggested her to go to V'Terox."

Telhas thought for a moment before he nodded. "A clever move. Going deeper inside the Star Empire will be unexpected, especially as she has been so close to the borders already. And both of us know that V'Terox is my system. My very own system."

Telhas owned V'Terox. It was his private property. In combination with the privileges of a Founding Member House of the Imperial Senate this granted him full jurisdiction over that system.

"Of course, I cannot guarantee that she will be safe there. I cannot order my troops to oppose the Tal Shiar. This would be high treason," Telhas stated, "But I can visit the system for personal inspection. As it is on the to Rator, I can even combine it with a travel to our capital."

"You are going to attend Senate meetings?" Korak asked.

Telhas nodded. "Indeed I will. I am senator. If the Tal Shiar wants to assassinate me, they shall try. They underestimate both my training and my willingness to fight and kill. However, I want to meet Sonara T'Daran, if possible."

"You mean the Sonara T'Daran? The chairwoman?" Korak asked, not believing what Telhas just said.

"Exactly," Telhas replied, "We have some issues to debate and I am sure that we can settle some topics. And yes, my friend, I know that I cannot trust her. And if she is as intelligent as I think she is then she knows that she cannot trust me either. But she will also understand that a temporary truce benefits all."

"And what makes you sure that your ship will not be destroyed?"

Telhas grinned. "Because the destruction of a D'deridex is high treason, even if committed by the Shiar. Even more at wartimes."

Korak did not look convinced. "Let us hope you are right, old friend."

"I am the sword-bearer of Ket-Cheleb," Telhas replied, "It is almost my religious duty to be bold."

Korak knew that it would not make sense to debate religion with his friend. He never shared the belief in the ancient Vulcan gods, nor did he understand how one could rely so much on religion. But he accepted it, as it gave Telhas a confidence he never had.

"So," Telhas said, "You came in unseen, and I will help you sneaking out." He walked to a console and activitated the embassy's transporter system, but without any recording of transporter protocols. "Coordinates, please."

Korak entered the coordinates of his quarters and just as he finished, Telhas initialized the transport. He watched his friend fade in a glittering beam of green light.


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