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Man Of War

Posted on Sat Jul 29th, 2017 @ 8:28am by Major Jesse Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Holodeck

It was a cold, late night on Deep Space 12 when two small groups of Marines silently moved through two separate sections of the station. In the central tower, Alpha Squad quickly snaked their way through to Ops, phaser rifles held tightly to their faces as they anticipated the presence of the Breen army currently occupying the station. Meanwhile, Bravo Squad were descending through jefferies tubes in a hurried march towards Engineering and the main power conduit. From his vantage point in a nearby corridor, Major Temple watched the operation on two vidscreens, his face in a stoic expression.

Arriving at the corner of the Ops Centre, the Alpha Squad paused as the Techie read his tricorder and signalled to the Leader that the room was filled with four Breen soldiers. Hand signals were given for the marines to flank out and hit the targets in a burst. The Techie laid down a flashbang and no sooner had the small device delivered it's concussing blow of light and sound, the Squad filled into the room and hit their targets. One by one the Breen officers fell to the floor, stunned into unconsciousness by the direct hits of the phaser fire.

Squad Leader Chester called out to the Major, "Ops cleared, enemy down."

Nodding at his view screen, Temple replied with a cold tone, "Take the Commander."

Without hesitation, the Squad moved to the doors of the CO's office, where the Breen Thot had taken over and used to organise his raid on DS12. Eliminating the Thot would bring the Breen occupation to a halt and allow the station to be retaken by Starfleet. Alpha Squad approached, however the Techie discovered the doors could not be opened by override command or manual release.

Jesse saw this and sighed, giving a stern look to his second view screen containing Bravo Squad, who were only just arriving at the mains power station. He radioed to Alpha Leader, "You'll have to blow it."

"Acknowledged." Squad Leader Chester called back, immediately giving another hand signal for the squad to fan out around the room as the Techie placed explosives onto the Command Office doors.

After a short count down, the small packed explosives ignited and the doors were ripped from their hinges and flew off into the CO's office. Immediately, Alpha Squad launched their attack and began a firefight with the Breen Thot and his bodyguards. After a few minutes of exchanged phaser fire, all of the Breen combatants inside the Command room were on the floor and the Breen Thot was on his knees in surrender.

"Alpha to MCO," Chester called in, "Enemy captured, mission successful."

Temple was about to congratulate the team when suddenly the lights dimmed and power to the Ops Centre was cut, causing Jesse to curse out loud. Finally Bravo Fleet had managed to complete their operation as well - only a few minutes later than required.

"Computer end program!" Jesse called out.

The Ops centre and DS12 disappeared as Jesse and his two Marine squads adjusted to being back to reality in the Holodeck. Temple had been running a training exercise to get his marines up to speed on insurgency operations, in preparation for their mission to secure the incoming mystery ship. With the program over, the two squads quickly filed into two lines in front of Jesse and he looked to them with a mixture of pride and annoyance.

"Good work Alpha team." He began, looking to Squad Leader Chester in particular, "Efficient, quiet, and effective. You won the operation and will be taking early rest for the week." The Squad gave a celebratory 'Hoo-rah' as Jesse continued, "And you will have additional meal allowances for tonight." This was followed by another round of 'Hoo-rah' by Alpha.

Jesse then turned to Bravo Squad, his eyes darkening for a moment, as he asked, "Bravo, what happened? You mission was to secure the Main conduit and cut power to Ops before Alpha arrived. Not after!"

The Bravo Leader, Bennington, hung his head, "We found the TurboLifts had been sabotaged by the Breen, Major, and had to adjust our path, resulting in us being one minute, twenty-eight and a half seconds off mission parameters."

Jesse nodded, "I introduced that sabotage element to the program on purpose, Bravo Squad. So that you learn to adapt while staying on target. You may not have TurboLifts available to you, you may have to take jefferies tubes. But you still have a mission to complete and your lateness left Alpha Squad exposed. They could have come across stronger defence, or the enemy still able to use the station against them. Luckily, they were able to adapt quicker than you lot and completed the mission regardless."

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Bennington replied solemnly, "Won't happen again, sir."

"We'll see about that." Jesse nodded, giving him a firm pat on the shoulder. "We're running the Op again right now. Everyone get into position."

As the computer reset the program, the Marines filed back into their starting spots, with a few grumbles and annoyed looks passed between them. It didn't matter that this was the tenth consecutive time they had run the program, or that they were due for chow half an hour ago. Jesse was determined to get them up to speed and to his standard before sending them out on the field.

No one knew what would greet them on this mysterious vessel currently on it's way to DS12, but Jesse was determined not to have his first mission as Marine CO become a failure.



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