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Posted on Mon Sep 25th, 2017 @ 1:22pm by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple & Civilian Asarah Zh'Zakira

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

Magnus Temple's final morning on Deep Space 12 had arrived, and the Dane was feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement. He knew he was going to miss the people and life onboard the station, but he was also eager to get started on his new career back on Earth. Before that could happen, though, he had one final duty to dispense as the out-going Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Standing in the foyer of the Federation Embassy, Magnus had gathered the existing diplomatic staff in order to greet the incoming Chief Diplomat and handover the reins to Ambassador Zh'Zakira. Next to him, his friend and deputy T'ami fidgeted nervously.

"What if she doesn't like me?" T'ami asked, pulling at a strand her long Caitian mane.

"Then you'll have to impress her with your capabilities and work ethic instead," Magnus replied flatly, though gave her a short smile. "Please relax, T'ami, and remember we're diplomats. It's in our nature to be nice to people. I'm sure the new Ambassador will be friendly."

"Yeah," She nodded sullenly in reply, "I just hope she doesn't have an Assistant already. Not all of us can get cushy new jobs in the Federation."

Magnus smirked, "You would hate Paris."

The usually stoic Vulcan diplomatic aid Volke suddenly called out, "I believe the new Ambassador is approaching."

"Smiles everybody." Magnus ordered, as he himself stepped forward to welcome the new CDO.

Asarah had had very little time to prepare herself for the handover. She had been so busy with paperwork and making arrangements for various things that she had skipped over the necessary formalities of the change over. Now it was here Asarah couldn't help but feel a familiar knot of tension in her stomach. Her father would have been furious with her if he had known.

She tried to control her nerves and focus on the moment. Asarah had attended many a handover before but this was one that would be all on her and only her fault if it all went wrong.

Keep focussed she told herself. Be natural, be nice ,friendly welcoming and a little informal. Make them feel relaxed. Don't be my father.

So she put on her best smile. Asarah was wearing a very informal long dress in pale green. Green was supposed to make people feel relaxed. Magus Temple was the one who was meeting her in the foyer.

There were many staff there when she walked in. Though she didn't want it, it was expected of her to greet them.

Asarah recognised Magnus at once and smiled at him reaching out a hand in friendship.

Magnus clasped the lady's hand with his own, "Ambassador, welcome to your Embassy. I hope your trip to the station was pleasant."

T'ami stepped forward and reached out her hand as well, "Ma'am, it's an honour to work with you. I am Ensign Lo'wen, your Assistant." She paused and smiled, "If... you'd like... of course."

Temple stepped aside as he lead the new Ambassador into the rest of the diplomatic offices. T'ami looked pleased at how the meeting had gone, hopeful it meant this would bode well for her future at the department.


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